Does anyone know why drilling companies can't get permits to drill under interstate highways in Ohio. I know drilling units near me are always drilled right to the edge of the interstate then abruptly stop near me. Also, I have land that's split in two by the interstate and there are wells on each end of my property on both sides of the interstate so I'm blocked in since no drilling can take place under I-70. I've been told this by multiple companies but I haven't been able to find out what government agency is blocking it. I talked to an inspector for the ODNR and he said it wasn't them. He said it might be the Ohio department of transportation or the federal government but he didn't know. I've been told that this could change soon but no one seems to know exactly what's going on with this?

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the coal mines longwall under the highway in pa and they do damage . drilling and fracking under the highway would not hurt a thing they are to deep .

The fineran well by eclipse in Guernsey county was supposedly drilled under I-70.couple miles east of Old Washington. took them 2 years to forcepool the state of ohio.  It shows the legs going under it on ODNR's map. the state is missing out on a lot of income. Salt Fork state parks 21000 acres is another big loss of income.

This is a bad issue because land owners in Ohio close to state parks and highways are getting screwed by not getting all their acreage drilled when near state controlled land.  Beurocrats are unwilling to sign leases leaving the only recourse being to go through forced poolingto which the state earns a nice application fee.  Only one or two operators are willing to go through this expensive and time consuming legal  process while most just work around but large amounts of private acreage falls in a gap that may never have its resources tapped.  We should be demanding better of our government.  People need to add pressure and be an activist on this issue.  Work through state reps, senators, and demand ODNR to answer to why they are so spineless with leading the peoples lands.  I know someone who just had 20 acres taken out of a proposed unit due to a highway, and they just drilled and did not use the 20.  Prob gone for good now.

So true. Ohio does have an oil&gas leasing commission formed now. All they have seemed to accomplish in their 1st year is have a few meet&greet meetings and collected paychecks for all their hard work.

Pennsylvania and Ohio both (along with several local goverment agencies) are losing a FORTUNE by not actively  engaging with operators and extracting hydrocarbons beneath publicly owned land.

Allegheny airport is undertaking a 1 BILLION dollar upgrade partially financed by producing wells on their leasehold.

University of Texas is making big, big bucks via their mineral rights in the Permian.

The revenue beneath Pittsburgh - realized through gas development - could enable that city to be the wealthiest - hands down - in the country.

Highly paid employees, world class schools, top notch benefits for the poor and elderly.

The economic damage being wrought in this country by misguided, grossly ignorant, so-called environmentalists will come to be recognized as amongst the most grotesque, harmful  developments in this country's entire history.

Wow, and your right. you need to post this on twitter and facebook. and everyone needs to share it. The Donald may even share it!

I got contact info. off the Ohio Oil & Gas Leasing Commission website. I'm going to contact them & see what they have to say if anything. Their phone number is 614-262-1269.

Old Timer. You obviously don't have any acreage or mineral rights in those areas.

good luck with that

Here's an email I got from my congressman:

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for reaching out to my office with your concerns. It is because of constituents like you why I am here. In regards to drilling on state land, I am with you one-thousand percent! The state is losing out on millions of dollars in royalty fees and many other opportunities. In previous general assemblies the legislature has voted to allow drilling on state lands. However, our previous Governor, Kasich, blocked any attempts. I have spoken with the new ODNR Chief and she has been talking with Governor DeWine about the situation. They are not opposed to drilling on state lands, or even drilling near state lands and with horizontal wells, but first want to gather more information. I am continually urging them to begin doing so. Thank you again for reaching out, and I will definitely be pushing this issue. Have a great day!

State Representative Don Jones | Ohio's 95th House District
Ohio House of Representatives
77 South High Street, 11th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Office number: (614) 644-8728

They ;"first want to gather more information" ? They should talk to Muskingum Watershed folks.They drilled under Seneca Lake, The $ #s on their windfall is impressive.

Old Timer,

You make the distinction between drilling utica wells verses marcellus wells under gas storage fields...why does depth make a difference?  I have mineral rights interest under the Oakford Storage facility in SWPA and your comment on this thread peaked my interest about my own situation. Currently held by storage thru DTI.


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