I’m bringing this topic over from the shaleforum. Does anyone know the intentions of these guys? As of yesterday they have leased over 10,000 acres(April 2017- present) in Knox county. Some info from shaleforum members include: they are paying $100/acre for all strata and East Ohio Oil and Gas is a shell company for Western Land Services. Any other information is appreciated.


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Sounds good Gary L

Bill Baker, Dennis Kucinich and probably Vera Scroggins all in the same place. Oh Boy, I can’t wait to miss this one.

The Tri-County Landowners coalition will be presenting a Land Leasing Forum on March 17th from 9am to 1pm, located at Three Crosses Church, 12 Cleveland Street in Butler, Ohio. The forum will provide information to landowners and other concerned citizens regarding some of the issues surrounding subsurface mineral leases and deep horizontal drilling in Ohio. Speakers include Gubernatorial Candidates Constance Gadell-Newton and Dennis Kucinich, Laura Burns of Mom’s Clean Air Force, Eric Miller of North Central Ohio Land Conservancy and representatives from the Mohican Basin Landowners Association. Informational handouts will be available for free and some at a nominal cost. The Tri-County Landowners Coalition is several grassroots groups of resident landowners in Richland, Ashland and Holmes Counties, whose mission is to educate, and protect landowners and landowner rights. There is no cost to attend the forum and all area residents are encouraged to attend.

Anyone attend the March 17 forum with Dennis Kucinich and Mohican?   How was it?

No but the news reported that Kucinich was a No Show.

He's probably marching with the students against guns

I would not be surprised if Tri County Landowners Coalition has an anti fracking position. I like how they use terms like mission is to educate and protect, and they probably all fans of Matt Damon's anti fracking movies and anti fracking fakeumentaries, even where based on unverified assertions. Now add Mohican to the mix whereas they associate themselves in presenting with Kucinich. Mohican has been around for at least seven years advocating to get landowners a deal. Have they gotten one yet? Together this could all make a mess out of putting together efficient drilling. Someone needs to step up as a community leader over there in big storage field land, or the anti drillers, and those unable to strike a deal are going to play a major role in hijacking development of your areas natural wealth.

https://marcellusdrilling.com/2018/03/fake-ohio-landowner-groups-la....    This what Dennis Kucinich is up to.  How's Mohican gonna get landowners a deal being part of this seminar?

According to Baird Equity Research, Cabot is Top Ranked Operator in the Marcellus.


Jim, do you think East Ohio Oil is tied in with Cabot?

Yes Cabot used the EOOG name through Western Land Services starting in the fall of 2016 in Knox County. To my knowledge Knox is the only county that they have taken on/leased new acreage. All of the land in Richland Ashland Holmes and Wayne was acquired through the sublease with Columbia. They say they have 50,000 acres leased in Knox. 

Laziness prevents me from adding up the total acres under lease in Knox by EOO&G but it is large, very large. 437 recorded leases as of yesterday. Not all are recorded yet and they are still actively pursuing land owners.

Been talking to others that have signed up and quite a few are thinking along the same lines as me. The last time we held out and got zippo. Forced pooling will allow them to gather under you even if you dont sign up unless you own a huge acreage and even then they can still gather from your fringes.

If Cabot hits in a big way then a lot of people made a mistake but it isn't like we gave it away.  I have always said Id like an oil  and gas well on my property,,, right between two cell phone towers, LOL

Trenton Limestone/ Black River?

GREEN TWP. — The first drilling permit for an exploratory well has been filed by Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as the Pennsylvania company attempts to determine what is under Utica Shale in Ashland County.

The permit, filed March 6, is for land on Township Road 2375, near the Ashland and Richland County lines and located north of Ohio 39 but south of Widowville.

Work on the exploratory well would use the process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to bore into the earth to determine if there is natural gas or oil below Utica Shale shelf that extends into Ashland County, according to George Stark, director of external affairs at Cabot.

The well would be one of potentially five exploratory wells within Ashland County or in surrounding areas, including Richland County.

“We want to drill one (well) and we want to test it,” Stark said. From there, the idea would be to drill in other locations to get a better understanding of what is physically underneath the Utica Shale.

The exploratory wells will be vertical wells, he said.

“We will study those different rock layers and we will determine if this is the best location. Then, we will go horizontal,” Stark said.

Before any drilling can occur, Cabot is working to establish a road-use maintenance agreement for a route to the Green Township project.

“They have sat down and talked with me and talked with the township,” said Ed Meixner, Ashland County engineer, referring to the discussions as preliminary talks.


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