Anyone know anything about this company called Flatrock?   Supposedly headquarted in Morgantown, WV.    Their very sparse website says they have twenty thousand acres in Monroe and Washington Counties in Ohio.    Have seen lots of quit claim deed transfers of oil and gas to them in Monroe County.     

Appreciate and info.  Thanks.

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More questions about Flarrock.

Is it a mineral buying company, there is a number of listings for them as purchasing minerals on the Monroe County auditors website.

Do they  have  landpeople doing work for other companies?

Is this the “company” that buys mineral interests from small mineral holders when a well is going to be drilled?

Is it a group of shallow drillers in Monroe and Washington Counties buying minerals to get in on the action?

Is this somehow connected to the evolving company Triad Hunter, Mangum Hunter, Blue Ridge Mountain, Montage Resources which purchased Eclipse  company?    

Does Flatrock have holdings in West Virginia?

Certainly someone one has turned over a rock and knows something about Flatrock.

Tinicum Capital
Derald H Ruttenberg
I am sure if you ask Ron he could come up with some type of link to the Rothschild and Illuminati
Deep state too
Just looks like a bunch of money buying mostly 40 acre blocks in Benton township and a few other townships

Have you ever heard of whizzing on a flat rock? That probably became the inspiration for someone to turn their kitchen table into an O&G business.

This what I call a Kitchen Table Oil & Gas company.

All anyone needs are copies of bad leases with blanks for filling in a customized deal for those Landowners who think they are good negotiators.

One Neighbor asked me why I didn't become a land man? "I can definitely see the money in it, but I like to sleep well at night" was my reply.

So the Kitchen Table O&G proprietor prints up a stack of those leases and goes through the hills getting signature for $10 an acre and everyone see's dollar signs while they know nothing will become of the lease. But this time the KT O&G Co proprietor knows the drilling will be for real.

He gathers up as many leases as he can negotiate, then goes looking for a Driller to buy those leases. At one point the going rate for Leases was as high as $6,000 an acre for Landowners and $8,000 per acre for government folk who must always be treated well, since they allow O&G companies access to their citizens by not trying to get a fair shake for them and turning a blind eye when the theft begins. 

The above is why I tell Landowners to deal directly with the driller, or join a Land Group who is auctioning combined acres to the highest bidding driller. You eliminate the middle man by dealing with the driller.

So for those who weren't licensed as Real Estate Agents, You violated Ohio law that required a Real Estate License to negotiate Oil & Gas Leases and Right Of Way Contracts per until March 2019 when Ohio Politicians changed the law to provide access to their constituents by those landmen to do God only knows what to Landowners this time around. 

One landowner that I know was paid $10 for his 40 acres, by a nice fellow from DPS Penn (Dale Properties out of Texas with a local ring of Penn added while working the hills of Pennsylvania helped to gain the trust of PA Citizen. I guess DPS OH! might have become a tip off not to allow these landmen on Ohio Landowners porches, so they stuck with Penn). Someone probably made much more than $6,000 an acre off of this elderly Ohioans 40 acres when it was sold to Chesapeake. Landpeople have the inside scoop on what the land is really worth, so Chesapeake has to pay them the best price per acre.

One thing is true about Oil & Gas and it's potential wealth, it brings the worst out in everyone when they realize they can turn another persons wealth into their wealth. Greed can never be satisfied, never.

The good news is that all of that effort to take as much wealth for the absolute smallest "loses" like a fair signing bonus or fair royalties for Landowners was all for not. Someone forgot to check Ohio Laws before they told their tales like a Used Car Salesman trying to move a piece of junk vehicle to a young kid.

You can imagine the lives destroyed when all was signed and the documents were placed in fireproof file cabinets never to be seen again and the O&G Company put their lawyers to work declaring all leases effectively void by one sentence or a paragraph as I saw when the lawyers started trying to figure out where the loopholes were in my lease.

The leases mean nothing when the cash accumulates to the point that all responsible to ensure justice and enforce the laws of a state are given a cut of what is stolen. I figure the artist who carved the first 3 monkeys, See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, took his inspiration from his state elected officials when the first landowner filed a complaint that laws of the state were being violated. Those being paid to ensure the laws of that state were applied equally and fairly to all Citizens replied, We Don't Get Involved In Oil and Gas disputes.

Another way of saying "I got mine" (a share of what you didn't get).

Then one day the Military decided to take over the government of Traitor 44, but they needed a leader, and President Trump applied for the job.

Those who believe that removing Our President is the only way to save themselves from what is coming are fooling themselves.

The Military backed by We The People are an Un-defeatable force, wait and see.

Oil and gas is a gamble
Life is a gamble
If you don’t like the odd get a better hand or fold


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