Has anyone given any thought to having an independent company frack their property? I know there are professionals on these discussion sites who can demonstrate the whys and why nots.

I know with a lot of landowners not having their leases renewed maybe they can form their own coalitions to drill and sell their minerals w/o the O/G companies.

This should be viewed as a fun discussion.

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All great points John and I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier but the reality is you as a mineral do have the ability to drill your own well and frack your own property using the skills of all the experts by simply electing to participate in the well verses accepting a lease from the evil oil and gas company.  This is probably the most efficient means of you doing just what has been contemplated here although that is no longer an option if you accepted the lease bonus and signed the lease way back when.  The downside to this of course is you must pony-up your pro-rata share of the money to drill the well.  No here is where the trouble comes in because you suddenly begin to contemplate the enormous level of risk associated with the business when you have sit down and write out that check.    Well now.........  guess being a royalty owner isn't so bad after all huh?

It sounds good in principal. All the previpus comments are quite valid. I know a couple of guys (a landmark and geo who did just that). They hired a rig, something went wrong, they were sued and lost all their personal savings. Be careful.


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