Just got my Aug. royalty check from EQT  1.94 PER unit of gas  and 30 % in deductions what are you all getting for Aug production This is not good I thought Toby was going to be fair with the landowners  lol  yea right 

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Seems like our royalty payments are being held back.  A neighbor said that their check was "CUT" a week or more before it was received.  A little checking proved that royalties were posted many days after they were cut.

A phone call earlier to a company representative,  inquiring about the check  brought this reply. "Checks were mailed out a day or so ago." 

A few days later another phone call to our local post office brought this reply, "No checks from that company have been received here!"

Several days later checks were finally delivered. THREE WEEKS LATE!

Now a question arises,  Were these checks withheld after they were "CUT"  just to give the company a few more days before they could be cashed?  If so, why?    Only one reason that I can think of!  

Granddad Ladd

Answer: Maybe so they can earn just a little more interest before the checks are cashed?  

Granddad Ladd 

I get my royalty check back 3 months  its been this way from the start its the way they do it  it tells me the gas from this month has to be sold long before I get mine as the first check from day 1 was a 3 month delay I was taliking about the price and the deductions not the 3 month rears of my check

Good morning Jeff,  When we first started receiving Royalty checks  about three years ago from the "TRAVIS PEAKE"  drilling outfit, we knew that there would be a delay of a couple of weeks. There was no problem until a change of well ownership. At first we thought that very bad weather had caused the delay.  We waited for a short time and then decided to do some checking. We had found our mailbox open several times after the mail delivery. Thinking that someone had maybe help themselves to our mail or maybe the wind had blown mail out of the box, we checked with a couple of neighbors who also were to received royalty checks..  A couple of times the check came to one neighbor a day or two before ours was delivered. Eventually that time it was all straightened out.

A change of well ownership had taken place unbeknownst to royalty receivers.. A minor paperwork change between the two companies had caused the delay.

But this last delay was much longer.  Now the delay is a full month. Another change of hands was made.....Again no notice was given to us.  A phone call brought us assurance the check was on its way.   This assurance was a downright LIE!  Until now we were the only one to phone the drilling company. Our neighbor who had a lot more acres in the unit and consequently a much bigger check was encouraged to call. That neighbor was told checks would soon be arriving along with a written explanation.  

Checks did come with explanation that subsequent  checks would now arrive about the last Wednesday of the month.  The second check from this new company arrived about two weeks early.

We were glad to see it of course!

The thing of it is, most of us have monthly bills to pay. And most of us like to keep all of our bills paid on time. Sometimes we fall behind.  And sometimes it is a critical situation.

I do not like the deductions taken out. It is much too easy for oil companies to add deductions or even a few extra dollars not really easily accounted for.  A dollar here, a dollar there might not be missed.  But to recoup those unaccounted dollars will cost more then their loss. 

All I can say is I hope you can get a better deal somehow.

Granddad Ladd

Our royalties from EQT seem to be dropping,too,though we figured the price of gas reflected summer prices and hopefully will be going back up for the winter.We have direct deposit and it was in the bank around the 15th,though the "stub" was online a few days earlier.Maybe it will take Toby some time to get it straightened out.

We talked with Toby on August 14 about the sandrock wells his office called me the next day said they would call me back after they looked into it and now it is October 24 2019 still have not got a phone call .I think Toby made alot of promises that he had no intention of keeping .Ps a landowner that is in a unit that has not been paid in four and half years.we need to sticks together as landowners.

yea I feel Rice was better when they were a Priv. Co. I signed with them back then. Before they went public. Time will tell  Toby has a lot to do taking over the crooks of EQT as I see All I want is to theated fair per contract Thomas Leo you may need a Atty. to get them off there ass its sad that we have to go to that.



Pete where are your wells County or State I am in Greene Co. PA  SPRINGHILL twp. We need a page to compare prices of what they paid. 

Marshall WV

Gulfport $1.55

Looking for a good attorney to fight these big gas companies like EQT I’m in Gilmore twp Greene county need help please


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