I have been hearing of companys offering $12000, $13000 even $15000/ acre to buy mineral rights. So far I haven't been able to find out who is making these offers. If you've received an offer in this range could you please tell me who made it? Thanks.

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I agree. People just shouldn't throw the word stupid around so loosely. I've gotten 4 private messages from people who did sell some mineral rights. I'm afraid they wanna hang David. Just trying to help him love longer haha

That is in invalid comparison.

One would need to know the ratio of the total amount of private messages generated by the topic by all users to make this comparison. 

I'm sure David will be fine.  

I hear that God takes special care of folks like this.

Still, it was misleading.

As previously stated, my motive in responding to one-sided conversations is to provide a counter-point for members of the silent audience, rather than to change the ones whose minds are made up.  I care not what someone who purports to know what is right for everyone thinks.

Anne , what I meant is these people that sent messages are not very happy with David. Nothing to do with views. He pretty much called them stupid and was asking who he was and why a newcomer had so much to say.  

@ evan

I appreciate your passing this information along, only because it highlights the effect of David's and others' ad hom attacks.  

Invaluable information, vital to some in making these important decisions, is being stifled by fear of ridicule.

careful. Anne....your pronoun "He"  excludes a lot of us in our relationship with a Power greater than our own.

So much more true for an offer of 18k per acre 

Good points Matthew,
Also there may be a signifigant amount of acreage that never gets included into a drilling unit. I own a couple of parcels that are wedged in between an already drilled well & the interstate & so far to my knowledge they haven't drilled under the interstate. Also, I own a parcel that butts right against the city limits of a town & I'm not sure if they would ever drill under town. There are probably other instances where land could be left out of drilling units for a number of other reasons.

If I offended you for the word stupid, I apologize, I never intended to hurt someone's feelings.


I stand by my contentions, 100%.

If you are on this thread I assume you are Millwood township or real close.

Your royalties, except in some very, very unlikely circumstance, are going to be worth at least $200,000 per acre over the life of the well.

IF you get $20,000 an acre, which you likely will not, but IF you did, you are giving away 90% of your money, end of scenario, period.

That my friends, is not smart, or more to the point it is stupid, even if it offends.

I have accomplished what I set out to do on this thread, which is expose these horrendous purchases for what they are. 

Whatever your emotions, just know that my intent was to expose this, to educate folks to the fact that if someone is willing to pay you 12 or 15 thousand an acre you can bet the farm that they know you are getting drilled.

They wouldn't pay otherwise.

You are cheating yourself out of your own money.

My contention is irrefutable, you are giving your money away to these people. They will tell you anything, some are here on this thread, I am sure of it, trying to convince you to do what is not wise to do, again, giving your money away, to them.

$200,000 an acre over the life of the well, or a pittance up front, most likely below 10%.

Be smart with your money, get an accountant, pay your taxes, and be a blessing to somebody with your good fortune. Nearly everyone else deserves some blessing from your good fortune before these guys that buy up these royalties.

Good luck figuring it all out.

Why do you assume that I am in Millwood Twp.? ...or even in Ohio?

I haven't read any post on GMS in which anyone, even those declaring their status as buyers, is recommending selling.

Your location does not matter, because, if someone is willing to give you money for your rights to your royalties there is a very good likelihood that you will be drilled at some point in time.

I can bat down nearly every argument you toss at me, but I haven't the time to do so.

I have stated my contentions very clearly, have read all the responses contrary to my opinion, and am un-moved.

It's your money, give it away if you want to.

"Your location doesn't matter.." Couldn't be further from reality. Location is everything. Go do some research on gohaynesvilleshale and read about the offers of 20-30k/acre that disappeared when areas thought to be the core of play went bust.


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