In looking at the ODNR well maps it is apparent that most laterals stop at the interstates although a few seem to cross beneath. What is the explanation for the difference?

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state of Ohio won't lease the land so operators can't drill under the interstates.  Some of the HZ laterals that do seem to go under, have no frac zones on each side of and under the interstates - the operators essentially lose about 1000' of wellbore to get to the other side  

That is very interesting as Encino’s tentative map for drilling under Salt Fork State Park shows a lateral going under I77 at about mile marker 53.

They were trying to get the state to lease to them. However I don’t think the state actually did. Sometimes they can use a untization or forced pooling and complete the lateral that’s under a unleased mineral owner, sometimes they just avoid the fight and while they drill the lateral they don’t complete the port under the free way

Thanks for your attention to this Jeffrey. It is my understanding that Encino hasn’t given up but had to wait until they could nominate for the lease like everyone else. That being said, with the pad on the west side of I-77 and the park on the east side, are you saying that if they get the lease, they can drill under the highway but not frack at that portion of the lateral but then start fracking once they clear the highway? Sorry to be so dumb about this but I can only learn if I ask enough questions.

which well pad are you referring to?

I’m referring to a well pad that appeared  in an article written by Jake Zuckerman and published on April 11. It was on a map that was screen shot of a map submitted to the Governor with the Encino proposal to drill under Salt Fork.. As I mentioned before, the pad is West of I-77 at about the 53 mile marker and Salt Fork is East of  the highway with some privately owned land in between. It is the only pad on their map on the other side of an interstate although a couple of the drilling units seem to cross I-77.

I missed the article. Will look for it All if the proposed surface locations are outside the park so they will do what they need to in order to develop the acreage under the park and drill super long lateral


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