Back in the days of vertical wells the drilling units were 40 acres. How many acres are required now for a horizontal drilling unit?

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Not sure on the minimum but the ones around us are around 700 acres

You can look up a Declaration of pooling and unitization (DPU) in the county courthouse. The operator files this document when finalizing a unit. Note: the operator can amend this DPU. It will tell you how many total acres the said unit holds. 

depends. on how long the lateral will be. i have seen units as small as 162 acres


With longer and longer laterals the companies are trying to expand the unit size in the leases for horizontal. A year ago my lease was

1280 acres with 10% tolerance

We recently signed a lease that said 1400 acres. Our last lease was 1270 acres.  

Most of the units in NE PA have a max of 640 acres. A lot are smaller. But what the drillers do now is drill 10,000 foot laterals and go through 2 or 3 units and pay out proportionately.


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