We seem to hear alot about Chesapeke siphoning off alot of deductions from royalty checks. How are the other gascos treating their landowners? Shell , Range , Hilcorp , Chevron , etc. , etc.?

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That will definitely tell the story. Keep us posted Dave.  On a side note my buddy got his Antero lease renewed + the 15% kicker that KWGD put in the lease. He is on St Johns just over the county line from me

Chesapeake took 86% this month.  But, their have been months when I got zero (0)!!!  That's right, and they told me don't worry we are not going to charge you.  Imagine using my property to make a profit, and cheat me out of my share.  THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!

F-ING outrageous !

Oh my, how arrogant & disrespectful. Tell all comment

"F-ING outrageous"  in respect to  CHK taking 86% of that individuals royalty is "arrogant & disrespectful"  Really?  More like outrage & compassion for the landowner RB. I think you misinterpreted what I meant.

My comment was referencing CHK comment to Alexandria. Bad company

Thank for clarifying....RB. 

It is outrageous!  I wonder if they don't pay their electric bill, if they don't pay the lease for office space, or if they don't pay their employees when the market is down.  Wait, if they did that they would get the lights turned off, they would get evicted, they would lose their workforce. Unfortunately, we can't turn off their access to our minerals due to nonpayment.  Tomorrow I'm going to call my state representative and raise some Cain.  There is no better time to get elected officials to listen to you than in the three months before an election.

I talked with a close friend last night who is in an Eclipse unit. He got his first check already, it showed about 45% in deductions and a monthly royalty that netted him $300 an acre.

He is going to let me look at his lease and his royalty statements, he is pretty fuzzy on the details which I am sure is not to his benefit. He told me he fears he signed a bad lease because the landman told him there were no gross with no deductions leases.

I have no idea how many days worth of production his royalty reflects or what the choke on the well is.

This is going to get interesting for me because there are a number of people I am close to who are just beginning to get their royalty checks, this will give me the most accurate information to share with the crowd.

Is there any good way to know if/how much the well is choked back?  Just look at total amount produced?

He told me it was impossible to read his statement because it is so complicated. I do not know how many days the royalty covered and I don't know the lease terms or quantity.

He told me he thought they paid him for three separate items which we assume are the natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil.

He told me he would show me his statement and his lease, when I get the chance.

Is the $300 mo for 1-well at the well head? And from 1-layer of shale also is it for all 3-oil,wet gas and dry gas?


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