I've asked about the pipe lease. Please help with permanent easement agreement

Thanks to you guys i worked out a good lease for pipe line lease.
They also have a permanent easement agreement. They are laying appx. 2500 feet of line and the easement allows for 150 feet wide. This calculates out to about 9 acres.

Has anyone signed one of these along with pipe line lease and for how much. How wide was yours. Should I want any specific language. I figure I will not be able to timber this for ever. And are basically selling it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Is this  temporary work space or what?

No...this is for a permanent easement

That is really wide you need professional help.

Thank you

I am the first to admit I know nothing about ROW agreements....but retain the subsurface rights at all costs.

Jason......Is this pipe line considered a gathering line per your lease or an intrastate line as only in your state? Interstate pipelines, multi-states are regulated under the jurisdiction of FERC and complies with their EIS ( environmental impact statement ) policy. On this site you can go to the top search right corner and search pipeline easements. You can also go to local land groups and join ET Rover Landowners Group for discussions.

Timber is considered a crop, don't make a fast decision and sell your timber out. You can have an addendum as exhibit B incorporated in your  ROW agreement that will not land-lock you from the rest of your land. You should also consider damage to the residue of remaining land.        

We have dealt with the timber issue and making sure we can access the rest of the land. The pipes are gathering lines. We are in the middle of several compressors and processing plants. Plus there adding a water station near us. It's getting busy around our area.


I hope you did not negotiate your pipeline easement contract based on the opinions and comments of anonymous people on the internet. As to your current topic there is really only one smart answer, and it is the same as the only smart answer to your first topic.

Pay someone to advise you, I did when I leased my acreage for a production unit and would have had a pipeline easement ever been in question.

Please take my advice with the kindness that it was intended.

Not all attorneys are out to suck you dry. I had problems finding one who would do the things I wished him to do but eventually I found a great guy that I like very much.

And because we have him we don't have the problems that would require him, if you get my drift.

I absolutely agree with David.  This ROW is enormous; they may be planning something they aren't telling you about.  These agreements are complex; I've negotiated several and wouldn't dream of doing another without using my attorney every step of the way.

Thank you guys. I utilize all tools that I can. I get as much advise as possible as I'm also learning. I hate not knowing anything and trusting someone were I can't question things.

It looks like there is a lot going on in my area. The processing compressors water stations are all around me. We're also in the wet gas area and if the cracker plant comes there will be a lot of it going northwest of us. It's a hunting camp and was purchased because it's remote. The roads and bridges are bad. There isn't much drilling....yet but everything else is busy. I heard there getting good wells. I suspect there coming.

Jason.... Here is a link implemented by your state concerning pipelines.


Click on the ( red highlighted type ) to visit their site. GMS is an excellent resource tool to govern by, but as others have stated, you need to

use prudence with opinions due to speculations. I went thru the pipeline ROW in the past, as it can be very taxing. I did eventually have to hire legal counsel and put together a strong addendum. From what I have read lately the future is going in the direction of storage fields to hold the large volumes of liquid gas for the ethane cracker plants. JMO...



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