Inside Trump's plan to save Appalachia: Mountains of plastic, rivers of radioactive waste and billions of Chinese dollars

Came across this meandering activist article on yahoo news.  Having lived in Western PA, Wheeling, WV & Belmont County, Ohio and working throughout the entire discussed area and having ties to some of the folks mentioned in the article I feel compelled to share.  If you live in the Ohio Valley you should read.

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Fake news.

When We The People are given Our Governments back (County, State, Federal) we can work to sort out what Our President is doing for now.

We Have No One to rally the Troops, that's why President Trump ran for office and We elected him. The first Real president who wasn't a puppet of Queen/Globalists/NWO since President Kennedy. All Presidents before Eisenhower sold us Out in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam.

Our President is pushing everything for Re-election to continue the 2nd American Revolution. When it is time which will be soon, the Deep State will be defeated then the Globalist will be defeated by the Alliance taking them down since they are World Wide.

When there is no Corruption and all pockets of NWO resistance are destroyed so that they don't show up again in 100 years to once again attempt Depopulation, then We The People will address the dangers of Ethan Crackers and all insane Oil & Gas Half Baked Ideas like spraying radioactive Brine on the roads, storing Ethan in a Salt Rectangle under ground along the Ohio River, dumping brine into the River with no Processing, Burning hazardous waste in East Liverpool and other KILLER Ideas will be terminated for other more reasonable methods of doing business.  For Now, anyone who Screams or Cries about Global Warning, You had better note who they are, because they would if not stopped take Our 2nd Amendment Rights then take Our Heads.  These evil possessed sub-humans don't want normal humans on Earth. 

God Bless America, God Save the President.   

wrong again Ron.

How does one Take someone’s 2nd amendment right ?
Does it not take a super majority in both houses of Congress to change anything in our constitution ?
Besides if someone is coming to take your guns just don’t give them up is the answer


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