All we hear is how the O&G industry is in a slump. They say things will pick up when the price of natural gas increases. Is that ever going to happen? It seems to me with all the gas being produced that prices will continue to stay low.

They say more pipelines are needed to get the product to market. Even with all the added infrastructure, will gas prices increase that dramatically? 

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Here in the Guernsey county area we saw just last week an announcement very similar to another up around Canton, the building of natural gas fired electric power plants.

We are also seeing producers experimenting with much longer boring which I was told will, if successful, lead to more economical drilling even if prices don't go back to the heights that we saw just a year or so back.

You either need supply to go down or usage to go up to see a real improvement in pricing, and these plants should greatly increase demand.

As far as oil goes there must be some collusion from within the industry to manipulate production downward which will manipulate pricing upwards.

A global economic recovery, led by an Obama-less America wouldn't hurt either.

Oil will rebound long before natural gas does.

I am eager to see how the NGL markets do in regards to increasing royalty payments. There are plans to build facilities that will separate the different types of energy which I am hopeful will increase their marketability and value.

Go enjoy your life, we can't do anything to affect any of this, but I feel the wheels are in motion right now anyhow.

In the meantime keep researching the last time the oil markets went bust but did not come back up with a vengeance.


It has never happened.

If there are folks drilling and folks trying to buy your minerals you can rest assured there is more going on than what we know.


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