Just curious if there has been any activity with anyone recently. I'm pretty sure it has likely been delayed. If anyone has had any recent contact especially in Monroe County Ohio and would like to share that would be great. Thanks!

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I live in Harrison County.  The owner of the farm next to me got a letter last week asking for survey permission for this line.  I haven't been contacted (yet). This is the first I've heard of this line.

I gave permission for Kinder Morgan to survey last year (Noble County). At that time they were following the Texas Eastern/Spectra ROW, same as Columbia Leach Xpress.

This just in....http://www.wksu.org/news/story/43393

The proposed $4 billion project would transport oil and natural gas produced in Ohio. Editor of Midstream Business Magazine Paul Hart says companies are looking for ways to transport oil and gas to ensure drilling here is profitable.

Non-detailed map here:


I live in New Springfield which is Mahoning county. This line cuts right throw the center of our acreage. They were there 2 weeks prior and surveyed the property put in 1,000 yellow flags. They also have been putting up Markers everywhere around the outskirts of all 3 lines. I have never been contacted by Kinder Morgan for anything. And have not even been asked or told what was about to take place.

The line runs through our farm and we have received letters from Kinder Morgan as well as FERC. It is strange that you have not been contacted. I am not at home right now but when I get there I will give you the name and number of the contact person for the project.
In the letter that I received from KinderMorgan they gave the following number for land owners to call for any questions or concerns re the Abandonment and Capacity Restoration Project:800-622-4481. I called because I was concerned about where an additional compressor station was to be placed. The guy I talked to was very pleasant.

I have not been contacted since the survey, so I will assume that they are not running this one on my farm in Noble County, parallel to the Spectra/Texas Eastern and the proposed Columbia Leach Xpress.

The Pipeline map I am looking at does not seem to go that far North (Mahoning). (I am in Noble, BTW), Seems like New Philly is about the Northern tip.

You must be near the Hickory Bend processing plant.  Are you sure those guys weren't working for Hilcorp?  They have a 20 inch line that runs from a point next to the Grubbs well in Salem Township Columbiana County to the Hickory Bend Plant and it drops down to a 16 inch line from a pad next to the well to the UEO Kensington processing plant.

Spectra Energy has had pipeline crews working for the last several weeks on a pad on the east side of the Kensington plant laying in multiple pipes that look like they will be heading south through Franklin Township Columbiana County.  Most of the right-of-way has already had the timber cleared, markers are up, as well as the markers warning of power lines above for the pipeline crews.

Hickory Bend runs out in front of my driveway , No its the Tennessee gas pipeline runs right across my acreage leased since 1943 on my deed 3 lines to be exact. As a matter of fact there is a junction right of st. rt. 170 before you get into Petersburg . Petersburg sits right on the Ohio PA border. State line rd. makes a border for my property. This may look like Columbiana county on the map you have but it is Mahoning county. They are building another compressor station in Mahoning county for the Kinder Morgan change over.

How does an abandonment and conversion if row affect the land owners involved? Does this open the door to renegotiation?

I am a "land owner involved" and have thought about but haven't went to court house to see if i can locate the original pipe line agreement from 50+ years ago. I assume an agreement that many years ago was not very landowner friendly. In reality I would be hard pressed that my property has changed now that NGL will be running south west rather than natural gas flowing North east like it has for over 50 years.


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