I had thought that laterals tended to be about 8000 feet long. I talked to someone recently who said they were going a lot farther lately though. Is that true or am I right at about 8000 feet?

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They go twice that,at least if they have those parcels leased.

Could be 2000' or could be 10,000' feet. It depends on the company.

Hello Old Timer.  Seems like there is hardly any activity in our area at all. But there has been an area, (last year a cornfield) , next to "compassion Center"  that has been worked over.  A very large mound of whatever covered with straw has appeared on one area   on north side. There is a gravel entryway on the Potter Brook  end and another entry way. There is no indication what is going on there. But Billy, my son,  thinks maybe a well pad or some kind of gas well installation. 

Quite a bit of activity up Dodge Hollow road. I guess a "Wind Farm" is  being constructed  in that area.

Granddad Ladd

Painter well is at 2 BCF EUR per 1,000 foot lat ..... Nothing 'special' .... How deep and and at what cost ....... 

 How does 2 BCF EUR even begin to compete with 4 BCF / EUR  a bit further East with shallower wells ? 

Latest presentation states that the 'expected ' EUR for that Painter well is 2.2 BCF per 1,000 ..... 

 COG down the street is doing over 4 BCF ....... Nearly double EUR ...........

RRC just reported ... Some regions are in the 2.9 EUR range .............

 I doubt the Ohio utica will be able to compete at $2.50 gas , Shell not breaking down the door in Tioga either .........

Apache is shutting down a major field in the Permian due to lack of gas markets .......... Canada gas is stranded too ..... 

 Tough time to own gassers , where is the silver lining ? 

This bit of information might help to explain why Lu and I have been getting mail asking us to consider changing our electric service provider to "Penn Lines",   I believe. We pay "TRI COUNTY",  for our service.. and we see no need to make any change. 

I wonder what happens if the winds should suddenly become calm and no power is being produced?  Or maybe a series of tornados too powerful that  these oversized pinwheels and high voltage power lines cannot handle the stress of the storms.

For the next few weeks Lu and I will be making daily trips past that "Pinwheel" site. Will try to keep track of activity in that area.

Thanks for replying OT.

Granddad Ladd 

We've done Eclipse wells around 34,000 ft

divided by miles; that's awesome.

I thought this discussion was about lateral lenghts?  somehow it went down other roads.

Last August Range was drilling in the 18K to 19K range.  Pun intended.  The linked article goes into some interesting detail about drilling longer laterals.

Seems like the cost benefit of going longer is not increasing much at this point, and the risk grows greater with the length, so we may not see much longer laterals until some steps are taken to reduce risk.


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