has anyone heard of drilling in east mahoning county yet sighned on with hillcorp but all talk is about chesapeak oil drilling, hillcorp was offering more money and better  royalties hope i didn't make bad move with hilcorp

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No , Hilcorp has been very professional.  Ohio Land Management has successfully negotiated leases with Hilcorp, CHK and even Shell in PA.  Mahoning county is the highest paid acreage, with the other wet gas counties in the country.  You and all of us in Mahoning county are blessed and say a prayer of thanks.

I'm pretty sure Ohio land management is a co. we contacted in November, early December but it appears their website is gone. maybe I'm looking it up wrong. I've been trying to find them again for awhile.

Kathleen, Ohio Land Management is an old land management company that always managed land but never had a website.  If you need to speak to us our in house lawyer is Alden Chevlen 330 207 0235

disclaimer, not soliciting just responding to inquiry.

I live in southeast Mahoning county....I have not signed a lease with Chesapeake yet. They are offering $4000 per acre and 20% net royalties .....they did offer 20% gross with deductions. Should i join a landgroup or get a lawyer to negotiate or what? I'm not sure how to proceed.

few land owners in poland township went through atty got 5800 a acre and 20% gross royalties attorny charged 100 acre to do lease went through chesapeak direct not land management already sighned with hilcorp or i would of got on board with them

I live in beaver township. I was shown a map that had a well unit planned on it....actually it had 2 planned right next to each other.......it looked like it would go right under Rt 11....but then again, the landman could have been making that up.

Thank you for all the help. I informed the landman that I was going to get an attorney and he told me: "Please also keep in mind that Chesapeake could direct us to change of offers again." Don't you just love scare tatics??

No, hate them...

According to the PA DEP website, Hilcorp just got a well site and drilling permit in PA.  Its sits at the intersection of 551 and garner road, south of 208 out of Pulaski. 


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