Natural Gas up another 5% today, trading at $3.71, hit $3.81 for high.

Dont give your rights away, bonuses should rise with gas prices and demand.

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This is great two arctic blast heading our way 

Those arctic blasts, Mr. Russell, may help you folks in more ways than you can imagine.

The New England electricity situation - supply wise - is extremely precarious and highly weather dependent, specifically in extended cold snaps.

The point to you folks, from me, is that Appalachian Basin development will be under severe stress from a wide array of political, ideological, and - sadly - governmental quarters for the foreseeable future.

The more you, collectively, learn how shunning hydrocarbons damages society - as Australia and New England have suffered - could go a long way in defeating your enemies in this arena.

Thanks coffeeguyzz I think you may be right. With as low as storage levels are the demand will increase will pressure the pricing 

Anyone seeing any of this increase in your royalty payments?  Gulfport seams to be stuck on $2.30

I’m sure the prices are a few months behind, Natural Gas hit $3.91 today, currently at $3.81. Its had a nice run up over the past week or so.

The key is to be consistent and steady. If we have pricing stay steady above 3.50 for a month I think that you will see a nice increase in your royalties check


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