Obama-Backed Green Energy Company Goes Bankrupt — After Getting Billions From Taxpayers

Now of course the lefties will claim that oil and gas companies get tax breaks and subsidies too.

That isn't accurate, but that is a subject for another discussion.

The fact is, all these "Green Energy" companies take our (mine and your) hard earned money and squander it on pie in the sky hairbrained schemes and we never get anything in return. At least with oil and gas companies we get something in return (abundant affordable energy).

Plus, the people running these companies often walk away with millions; some of which they give to their favorite candidates as campaign contributions. These subsidies are nothing more than slush funds.

Green Energy is a "Not Ready For Prime Time Player".

Enjoy the article below if your blood pressure can stand it.


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It is just insane, that this country was forced to witness the inept bush 43 only to be further embarrassed by Obama.

Sadly he somehow manages to sidestep every difficulty, every stupidity and every blunder. It is not so much the country surviving Obama as it is a country that twice elected Obama being able to survive its own stupidity.

I am 48 years old, I have witnessed this country in an unbelievable regression, from Reagan to something  that I don't recognize as American, or something that gives me the slightest confidence in the country or the electorate.

It is all deeply troubling to me. Far too few of us care. The GOP is no better. I don't have the answer and I don't think there is one.


One of the tactics used by leftist is the take over of the media, look at any tyrannical regime, one of their first acts is to take over the media.

The leftists in this country did it differently, they have spent the last 40 years taking over the media. With the election of Obama the leftists are taking over the government with the help of the media.

The media covers up for Obama and now HilLIARy.

The leftists in the media live by the old adage that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough it becomes the truth. For example all of the lies told about shale development and hydraulic fracturing.

That is how they are changing our country, all we can do is attempt to dispel the lies of people such as Obama and HilLIARy within in our sphere of influence. I do this every day with my family and friends. I even butt into conversations I over hear between people I don't know.

For us here on GMS we must fight the lies and misinformation spread abou the oil and gas industry. Just as I do every time our resident Chicken Little posts his nonsense.

Frank ???

God is our only answer....and that's for sure.


the leftists took over the media and academia, but worse was the abysmal lack of credible conservative leadership after Reagan.

Now we suffer the effects of Limbaugh constantly making excuses for Bush 43 and the politicians that followed, until continuing to support them would have cost him his listeners.

So now we have nothing, McCain and McConnell, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, none of them leaders who nave any credibility as we search for someone to lead the combat against the leftists takeover.

Hillary is not so much a leftist as she is a globalist prostituted to cronyism and the oligarchy largely run by the banks.

I am beginning to think we are a lost cause, our plight is so bad that the only true leader we have had for 20 years on our side is Trump.

I am a Trump supporter but I am not in love with the guy. I don't bang on him too much though because he is not a politician.

Trump senses the very real vacuum of political leadership dedicated to the Republic, but he is not the best guy to lead the charge, he is the only guy.

I just don't think anyone can ever make America great again, and it is definitely not great.

You rightfully curse the leftists, but you should consider the utter failure of the right to present us with a credible leader for 25 years now.


The right - Republican establishment - are just the opposite side of the same coin as Democrats. The only difference is the lack of leftist radicals. But they also believe in big government that invades every facet of our lives. They just believe they will be better at managing the behemoth.

Of course we know they aren't good managers, the George Bush 43 years are proof of that. Government grew and things became worse for the average American.

I personally think Cruz would be a good President. But if Trump is the nominee I am voting for him. Certainly would never vote for HilLIARy or the Bern

HilLIARy is a leftist radical, but she is a hypocrite;like most socialist/communists around the world she will practice crony capitalism, just as Obama has, but complain how the capitalists abuse the middle class and the poor. She doesn't give a rats rear end about the middle class or the poor.

I was a big Cruz fan until he got so far out of the lead that he could never catch up, but refused to drop out for the leader.

Then, he just kept talking. I find him "icky" and he injects far too much religion into politics.

Religion and politics do not mix. One will corrupt the other and the other was never intended to be a political movement.

I am down to Trump or bust and it looks like the GOP will throw the entire election to Hillary rather than see Trump elected.

Wonder why ? No need to, they are all in the same bed, filthy prostitutes to the crony capitalist and the oligarchy which controls most of the government.

I believe we are witnessing the zenith of our greatness.



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