Someone told me that some other planets are warming too and that the warming of those planets is caused by changes in the sun.  Is that true?  Or is it propaganda to convince me that the sun is making earth hotter.  If it should be true, does carbon still play a role in accelerating the warming.  Has anyone measured or estimated how much we can slow the warming by using natural gas in place of gasoline and diesel.  Is the warming inevitable no matter what we do?  If the sun were to be shown to be a cause, is the sun likely to change - get hotter or cooler?

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Someone needs to tell old man winter about global warming....this year's long cold winter is proof that he isn't buying into it!

I am still curious about the vagaries of the sun if anyone knows.  I was surprised to learn, if true, that other planets are warming up too - maybe not as fast as earth with the carbons we put out.  I guess part of the problem is overpopulation - people like me living too long and too many babies some places.  In addition to our factories and power plants, each of us expels some "harmful" gas - although maybe not as much as they say cows produce.


And then someone made the news today, a professor, who says natural gas might not be any better than coal from the stand point of carbon emissions.  Apparently all the gas pipes and other facilities the producers and distributors use leak a lot of gas - and before they get the well capped a lot of gas whooshes out with with the frack water.


Definitely, fewer people seems to be the only safe solution.  That would be morally correct except a lot of people think its morally wrong to stifle life.


By the way, in my opinion, it was a lot colder a thousand years ago when I was a kid - lot of days below zero degrees etc.  This years winter was nothing.


I guess I will die before things get really bad.

I was starting to read a reply about the inversion of the sun' polarity when it disappeared as a reply.  I am impressed that global warming is probably a fact.  I am trying to understand the cause or causes.  Maybe what is happening on the sun makes global warming inevitably no matter what we do.  Maybe it is all caused by man [include women in that] and man's activities [to many people].  Maybe it is caused by both.  Maybe the affects of one cause accelerate the affects of the other.  Maybe it does not matter - except, I would like to get it in perspective.


Not long ago nuclear did not seam so bad, now it has lost some luster and gas may not have an advantage over coal.  It would be nice if someone knew what is going on.  Consumption of energy is increasing dramatically as China and India move forward.  Are we doomed.  Does anyone seriously believe that renewables can meet our needs.?


It seems like the world needs all the energy it can get from whatever source it get it form if we are going to keep having people.



What we need to do get those Marsians and other huminoids to stop poluting our galaxy, never mind us Earthlings.  In the seventies it was global cooling, in the nineties it was global warming, now it is climate change.  Sounds to me like someone is jerking our chain.  Some would have it " heads I win tails you loose", perhapse we need to ask Anglia  University scientists how to resolve the issue.  To get to the bottom of this hoax you need to follow the money; proposed carbon credits programs,  governments research grants ect.

maybe global warming/cooling is just a small fluctauation in a huge climate cycle that lasts 10,000s of years.....and here we are micro dissecting data from 20 years.


I dunnoo

that was my reply apologies..   I started to edit it and it was too late so I deleted it...didn't know you were so quick to find it.


I posted the NASA info about the polarity reversal of the sun...but there is concern over when the polarity reversal of the earth may happen and with that concern there is much hype about the year 2012.

Let us all think about the fact that if a super being (whom some call GOD) is responsible for making all things...just how brilliant He is about knowing how long dinosaur decay takes to make into fossil fuels!   He evidentally believes in not to worry but we don't know what mankind is being prepared for was centuries before mankind discovered using fossil fuels for energy.   Hmm..what a plan!   No dinosaurs invented then no fossil fuels to run the automobiles (and of course the time factor of when to exterminate the dinos to prepare the preparation for one of His other creations, mankind.

I cannot argue with the God part.  

I do personally remember that 50, 60 and 70 or more years ago it was much colder in Western Pennsylvania.  Temperatures below zero were common and prolonged in January, tapering off in February.  We all got out our long underwear during that period.  Snow usually came around Thanksgiving and never disappeared for sure until after "Decoration Day."  Boots at least half way up the calf were a necessity to get around.  Everyone had at least one pair of earmuffs.  Mittens were common because they were warmer than gloves.  


There is no question in my mind that it has become warmer, but I am not sure of the reason or reasons.  It has become so much fun to mix it with politics and making money.  Perhaps it is all due to carbon and such.   If so, it is our moral duty [for the survival of the race] to cut down on the number of people if our actions are causing the problem.  And its not only our activities, we people aggravate the carbon situation by the methane that we emit as part of the regular digestive process.  [I have seen write ups about cows whose digestive systems are presumably less efficent than humans]  Geezers like me probably live too long.  We have too many babies coming on etc., food seems to be getting in shorter supply etc.


With China and India moving along so quickly with their energy consumption, we will be needing to be doing everything - conservation, renewable energy, gas, oil and whatever else we can find.


If warming is coming from something like the sun doing tricks, we cannot do anything about it and must accept it, making necessary adjustments.  If it is carbon caused by people, maybe we can at least to slow it down a bit.

I guess people will have to be sure its people that cause it and that warming will have to get more intense before we start working at having fewer people.

They still wear those 'boots' I bet...even when it isn't below zero!

Hey, you are giving away your age here...'mittens'?   You know I didn't know til you posted that info that the weather in Pa was ever that cold even often.   Now I know where dad got those 'boots'!


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