Setting up County Groups for the site. This is vastly improve the information shared on here - it will get us focused. Share a county you would like to see listed on (GMS). Only those with leasing activity/lease offers.

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Indiana/Westmoreland will work at my end would like to see some feed back here
William, we have substantial acreage in Westmoreland but no approaches.
We also own acreage straddling Allegheny/Washington where there have been several
Susquehana County for me.
Centre County PA as they have recently drilled and developed/flared a well in western Centre County.
Good point - I've considered this. It's more of a decision for planned growth. I think the groups will eventually be the chief tool used on the site.
They are drilling in eastern Lycoming but haven't heard any numbers

Bradford County
I do not have a lease,and seeking one,no offers as of yet.iam in Lackawanna county,belong to a small group.We have about 1000 acres agregate.Emmett Kearney 335 W. main st. dalton pa. 18414 (570)815-1301
thats Lackawanna county
I have property in both Wyoming and Luzerne Counties. Both counties have been involved with leasing activity.
anybody have info on Lycoming County....There seems to be alot of activiity up here in the eastern part of the county.what is Range Resources doing and where are they?
Washington County - it seems to be the epicenter of the PA NatGas activity with Range Resources pushing full-steam ahead with lease procurements, laying pipeline in the Houston/Chartiers/Cross Creek/Mt. Pleasant areas, and establishing a joint-venture with MarkWest Energy to pipe the gas to their new processing facility in Houston, PA. No doubt Washington Co. is the hot spot for Range and overall horizontal drilling. This site is a tremendous vehicle where we can all share information about "going" royalty offers with bonus or delay rental offers. The more we share the better informed we become which will only help us to negotiate better leases.


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