I posted this question to the members of USA, but I'd like to know how the GMS membership feels ?

I will send the results to the Governor, President of the Senate, Speaker of the House, and appropriate committees.

Answer this thread yes or no, or send me a PM.

Do You Support The Severance Tax ?

Thanks,  Mark

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   Assuming the severance tax increase is not part of the biennial budget due to be effective 7/1, all bets are off on content of the increase. In fact, even if an increase somehow slips into the budget, the final form will be determined by legislative negotiations between the state Senate & House. Gov Kasich can only recommend, not mandate content. He can veto however.

  If increasing/modifying the severance tax goes to voter referendum, the same rules apply except there is no legislative involvement. The referendum process is more "visible" to us commoners as the entire wording will be on the ballot. It first requires 300K signatures (not sure about the exact number) to get on a voter ballot. 

  Unfortunately, that still doesn't mean we'll be happy with the result because Utica landowner & O&G interests are low on the totem pole of taxpayer concerns. 




We're still on your bus Bob.
We're on your bus Bob.
Haven't PA and OH been collecting taxes for years to fix bridges and roads? Yet the same roads and bridges are in the same conditions year after year. I'm sure if they can just tax one more thing they will get to fixing our infrastructure.

Social Security, Medicare are a separate tax to fund those programs and we see what our government has done to those programs haven't we?  " or turn the young kids away from cigarettes and chewing tobacco" currently more kids are using marijuana due to  the ease of access (no IDs required by your local drug dealer, no taxes on it and you can smoke it in a apartment but you can't smoke a cigarette)  Yea raise the age to 21 to smoke but get a gun at 17 and go to war, duh something is wrong! 

  In Ohio the former rouge Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation spent $100,000 in one community for their anti smoking propaganda result two women reportedly quit, $100,000! 

  I never saw in the Constitution where it said that it was the governments responsibility to be our mothers! Independence means freedom, dependency  enslaves. NO TO SOCIAL ENGINEERING by taxing minorities.

Absolutely not.  For all the years I've been farming, I've figured out how to balance my budget without the state of Ohio giving me a helping hand.  I see no reason to help them out when they've done nothing for me.  I don't feel that by redistributing what wealth I hope to get from the shale windfall to those that have done nothing to deserve it is ethical or fair.  No one but me and my family have worked this farm for the last 34 years and we are the ones (and the only ones) who should benefit from it.


Not all farms collect subsidies. Furthermore not all types of farms qualify, such as hay farms and cattle ranches.  Please don't compare farming to casino's.  One entity is producing valuable life sustaining commodity, and the other is a propped up sink hole economy.  Some call it the "dummy tax".

Furthermore; I take notice that one political party seems to prop up casino's as good, yet pits oil and gas as bad.  Yet again, only one of those two industries produce valuable life sustaining commodity, while the other is a sink hole economy. 

The increased economic activity from oil and gas will be significantly taxed as it is, without the severance tax & will add billions to economy and state taxes: corporate taxes, payroll taxes, real estate taxes, sales taxes, lodging taxes, BMV fees, permitting fees, insurance tax, and more and more and more.


No ! It is pure socialism


Why is it that when it comes to the little guy there is a frenzy to get their windfall money.  Yet the top 2% in this country have all kinds of tax loopholes available to them, and we the landowners who are finally getting a break are going to pay for production costs, and now a severance tax.  So is this going to end up with us paying more than the royalties we receive.  It does seem to be headed in that direction.

NO, NO, NO, NO!  I don't ever remember agreeing to support the dead beats that this society supports every month. Just be unfortunate enough to end up in Walmart on the 1st. of the month and enjoy the view of your hard earned dollars being wasted!


The models are the historic oil producing states like Texas and Oklahoma


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