The main thrust of the site will always be leasing and drilling information. With that said, I have noticed several political discussions popping up.


Reply with YES or NO; should we add a political group?


*If added the discussions for this group would not be on the homepage where the main page forum currently is displayed.

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I've been on blog sites with aliases, not a good idea.  If someone has something to say, they should back it up and not be incognito.  This only generates abuse and wanton unsubstantiated dialogue.
Yes, exactly, as said by Brinlady, Mira, Jim and others. Politics is huge part of this forum. Civility is a must at all times, Lack of civility and good manners is grounds for immediate termination, with extreme predjudice (ok maybe not quite that extreme lol).

I am so with Brinlady on this.  We cannot educate, monitor or protect ourselves in the shale gas industry  - without staying on top of the politics and legislation that is rife in it.  What happens in the O & G industry is totally controlled and dictated by the politics and legislation of the day - playing out in each state, county and community.

Thank you, James, for mentioning that civility should be in our hearts, in all forums ;  that we all feel safe in voicing our opinions and seeking information to educate ourselves.

1,400+ views of "Should GMS have a political group?" - and 88 responses ?  I'd say we already have a "political group" at GMS...


Todd's Mom, Kit


YES. Politics impacts this, no way around it - so why censor?

Have a separate group, which will provide an outlet/forum but still keep the other threads more directly on point. I'd also suggest not having comments from that group show up in the "latest activity".

No !!!
I think not

All voices have the right to be heard. That is the country we live in. I may not like the opinion, but I think we would be in trouble if we could not voice the opinion.


That being said give me an off switch so I do not get notices from those I do not want to get propaganda from. not.

I believe you are making a First Amendment reference here and if so, you are wrong. No one has the "right to be heard". The First Amendment guarantees you the right to say what you want without fear of reprisal FROM the government. It does NOT guarantee you an audience (the right to be heard). It also does not protect you from the consequences from others in reaction to what you may say. It only protects you from the government. Our Bill of Rights is a list of limits of what our government can do to us.
Correct, with threads and comments, lets just be constructive and not critical of one another, Police thyself. A website forum of Americans dealing with very much so, American issues, conduct oneself Honorably.
Well said





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