Is it true or possible that if a person doesn't sign with a company, the company will run a horizontal along the property and suck the gas out anyway?

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Google Rule Of Capture Law it may help you a great deal.

I believe horizontals drain up to 300 feet or so around them, that's all with todays technology. I recently read that in Ohio they need to unitize no less than 500 feet from the horizontal. So 300 feet or so seems reasonable. So if in your state they can legally run a horizontal along the property line it appears that you will lose 300 feet or so of gas, or even more if/when technology changes.

As mentioned by Deer Hunter, read your state's rule of capture law.

They cannot drill a lateral under your property, and the setbacks vary from state to state as far as how close they can come to your property line. In states with forced pooling, you could be forced to join a unit and have your gas fracked and taken, but you would be compensated for it.  My state of Pennsylvania does not have forced pooling.

Keep in mind, the gas is trapped in the shale which is why it has to be fracked to be released.  So it won't flow freely from under your land to your neighbor's who allows drilling.

Anytime that a well is fracked it is anybody guess how far the bed rock fracture goes.  Saying this that  it is possible that a fracked well could run several hundred feet out from the wellbore. So yes people who hold out they will get your gas. This is reality.
George,; forced pooling is allowed for the Utica or deeper strata but it has never been done.  There isn't even a regulatory system in place AFAIK. And I doubt any company would want to be the first to try it. The publicity would be horrendous.
Hello I was told about 2 months ago from a man in the oil and gas dept at ODNR that they usually force pool only about 2% of all well units . He also said they are adding to the laws that they will only be able to force pool 1 or 2 times per year . I don't know if that is per company or how that works with company affiliates . Some company's have been using that as a tool rather than a needed thing and they are tightening the loophole . There was an article that stated it was used by some companies as much as 20 times per year , but I can't recall where , I will dig that out of the research and post again . I personally believe that the 2% is 2% too much and that force pooling should not be allowed at all in any state , Are we still not a free country with a lot of great men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedoms ..That is one thing the landmen threaten the landowners with to get them to sign a lease. The only way any United States citizen is supposed to have their rights taken away from them is if it is for the betterment of the people in society. That is for publis use imminent domain . The oil business is not a public entity ,only a private business . If they want you that bad they should be required to pay whatever you ask barring nothing . No exceptions


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