I just got back the test results from GES that was hired by CHK to test the wells that are within a 3000 ft radius of a planned well unit....my well unit is the Whitmer well that is on Garfield Rd in Mahoning county.  My test showed that I have methane gas in my well water. I am curious to see if anyone else has been told this and what do you do to correct this problem...

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When he said Whitmer well, I always thought he meant the Falb well on Garfield Rd. in Beaver Township, or possibly an unpermitted Witmer well on Garfield Rd. East of Route 46. Also in Beaver township.


The only Whitmer owned property in Mahoning County is in Austintown near Mineral Ridge. I don't believe either one of you are near there. 

Are you saying that there is a possible Withers well somewhere near 170?

Every piece of documentation I have received from Chesapeak up till now. Has a well pad number and a Name for the well pad listed as Withers. There is a dairy farm that encompasses my property there name is Withers Dairy Farm. My assumption is that they plan on putting in a well in this area. I do not know this for sure and have not seen anything on the ODNR list of permits for this well. We have had just recently been contacted though about the first part of August . Does anyone know of this well. Or have any idea as to where they plan on drilling in Springfield Township or Petersburg ?

Does any one know where or if Ni-Source Patent Midstream / Hilcorp decided on a definate route for there new pipeline in New Springfield ? We have the Tennessee pipeline running through our property now. Was wondering if they would try and reuse these same right away for there line. They wanted to survey the property last month and I have not heard anything from them since then. 

The only other well that I know of in that area is Barth. I bumped them to the top of the Mahoning County forum for you.


It looks like Chesapeake is planning many wells before they even apply for permits.

The pad listed on my water testing paperwork is Witmer....and its close to the Falb well permit....but its for Garfield and Germantown road....I'm not sure if a permit has been issued or what.  And there is a ton of property owned by Witmers in Mahoning County.

In Eastern Ohio it is virtually GUARANTEED that you will have methane in your well water.  This is because of the many strata of shale containing at least some organic matter. .  Not to mention the wide-spread coal deposits.  Anaerobic bacteria digest the organic matter (including coal and the tars found in "oil shale") and release methane as a bi-product

I can take you to a few places on our property where methane "bubbles up" through puddles of water.  Not alot of methane, mind you, but methane none-the-less.

Unless you can see bubbles in your tap water (like the fizz in sodas) . . . .Don't worry about it!!

I think reports of "swamp gas" go back centuries...and sometimes it catches fire.


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