The Clinton well on my property was Enervest operating and then looks like it was spun off to OWS Acquisition Co LLC.  The small royalty checks I get at this point have come from a South Charleston, WV address, my 2021 1099 came from Bolivar, OH and I think the 2022 1099 came from Louisville OH. 

     Does OWS Acquisition Co LLC. control any deep rights any more or did the spin those off to someone else?

Does the OWS Acquisition Co LLC, just existing to hold aging assets or the plugging liabilities?

Example my well still looks to be producing on average of 1500 MCF of gas yearly, but they stopped running the pump jack and haven't shown any oil produced since 2019, was producing between 100-200 barrels a year.  

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It would certainly be nice to know more about OWS. There appear to be no production numbers for OWS wells for 2022 posted on the ODNR Oil and Gas Well Database. Are they still in business? All of their wells in our area are shut in including one on land that I bought. I have reached out to ODNR for information but have not received any. 

Kathi, what state are you in? 

for OWS Acquisition Co LLC it shows in Ohio a Justin Caldwell  as the agent/ registrant of the LLC, address listed looks like a home address

this website list the same name & the address as a branch office

I’m in Guernsey county, Ohio.

  • this was probably the same answer you got from ODNR, not sure if any penalties for them not reportering or its just a slap on the hand. 

Thank you for contacting the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management. Unfortunately, the Division has not received 2022 production from OWS Acquisition Co LLC for any of its wells. You are correct that the production statement was due to be filed on March 31st, and the Division has issued compliance notices to all owners who did not file annual production by March 31st.

it doesn't look like they have filed any reports still on these wells.  I did get a check last week from them. Paying me for gas that was sold in 5/2022 & 7/2022.  I looked back on my check from last year and it had multiple month sale dates from 12/2021 to 6/2022. 

Hi.  I just started researching some Clinton wells operated by OWS today.  I have production from ODNR from 2020-2022 currently on my computer screen.  Have you been receiving royalties since they took over the wells from Enervest?  

I get a single royalty check in the fall now, since OWS took over.  Since OWS took over they stopped running the pump jack on my well so it doesn't produce any oil, was 80-100 barrels per year before. 


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