Will the State of Ohio ever lease Jockey Hollow for mineral rights?

Will the State of Ohio ever lease the mineral rights for Jockey Hollow State Land? We border Jockey Hollow in Athens twp in Harrison county, Ohio. We did not get a renewal on our lease with Chesapeake. Maybe our chances our better if Jockey Hollow State land got leased?  Does anyone have any information about this? Any info or opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

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Same situation here around Salt Fork state park in Guernsey county. Until the state leases their mineral rights; lots of folks around the park will never get drilled. 

Before this land was "donated" to the ODNR it was owned by Consol. I beleive Consol (CNX) retained all mineral rights. It was most likely controlled by the CNX/Hess JV until it was sold to Ascent a few months ago. This is what I believe to be true, but I'm not positive.

so you think jockey hollow is sold to  ascent ?

jockey hollow is 3500 ac I am right across the street on Nottingham -holloway rd

Has state of Ohio leased any of their lands for horizontal drilling?  

not even under the interstate highways. Boy, they're missing out on a lot of income!

Then the o & g companies should force pool the state when appropriate.


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