Sat. we received a certified letter from the wv tax dept. asking me to send them taxes interest and  penalties  for lease money I received on my property in Ohio back in 2011.  The company HG Energy is based in WV and they did not send out 1099's They sent a letter telling me what the 1099 would have said if they had sent it.  This was the first time I had ever leased property and did not know it should been marked as rents on the 1099.  HG put it down as non employee compensation and now WV wants me to pay income tax on the money.  Anyone else have something like this happen and how did you get it resolved? They sent a long form ( petition for reassessment) that I filled out and am going to send them a copy of the signed lease and payment letter but with it being government I expect it will be rejected without even being looked at.  I already paid fed. and ohio state taxes on this and am not going to pay WV.  If I don't get them to agree to drop this what can they do if I don't pay them?  This seems like extortion.

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Were/are you a resident of WV?

No, I live and work in OHIO.  Payment was for a lease of the farm where I live in Ohio.

If you live in ohio, and the lease was in ohio, then you owe them nothing. The confusion is them saying that it was untaxed non employee compensation. Take what they have sent you to your tax man if you got one, and they will be able to resolve this easier and faster.

They think that you earned the money while working in WV. You may be able to get it resolved with a phone call. I do know from experience that WV dept of taxation is a rabid dog when it comes to taxes. They will lien you faster than you can blink before you get it resolved.

Good luck.

have an attorney look at this

if you work live and leased in ohio west Virginia can not tax you  next you get a tax bill from florida

and the other 47 states

Call the WV Tax dept. and leave a message. They are good about calling back and have always been helpful when I have talked with them.

I have called and the people I talked to where helpful with the paperwork.  I have sent in the petition and paperwork to show how the money was earned.  They will assign someone to look over it within 40 days then I can talk to someone about getting it removed.  As long as the person assigned is not an idiot it should be OK.  The problem I see when dealing with government employees the percentage of non idiots is not as high as I would like.  Hope for the best plan for the worst.

Got this all worked out with a few phone calls and a couple of dollars of postage.  I must say the attorney for the state of WV that was to get the money out of me was very nice and helpful.


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