Today, I discovered orange cable being strung out along C.R. 800 in northern Ashland county. I also found a thumper truck parked at the Jackson Township garage lot. The cable stretches from just inside Polk all the way to C.R. 175. I was lucky to come across a man that was laying the cable and stopped to talk to him. He was with Precision Geophysical of Millersburg. He informed me that they were contracted out by a large oil company, but, he wasn't told which one, it's a secret I guess. He also told me that it was a three square mile test area with c.r. 800 in the center.

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Somebody kickin' the tires on the Devon Energy acreage? Dexter says Krysik Sand is what MFC is looking for. No reason at this point to think PP but interesting indeed. I'm not sure I would consider MFC a large oil company.

I know MFC was out here about a month or so ago, maybe they knew someone was interested in the acreage around here. they were trying to get leases. The people I know didn't sign. I also agree, MFC, to me, is not a large oil company. We are talking three square miles, that has got to be expensive to do testing. Precision even ran a line down township road 351. That would be a line north, perpendicular to 800 and center.

 Seismic testing occurring again today, 1/2 mile south along C.R. 601. I was informed they're testing four square miles.


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