Just curious if anybody has seen continued work by Shell at the old Horsehead plant.  By the same token, has anybody heard any rumblings as to how things are coming along? 

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Don't shoot the messenger! I stated "I didn't know how true any of it is", sheesh.

I also heard that Shell was taking an option to buy the Michael Baker property as well. 

I also heard from 3 different folks that they are once again talking to PGT about buying their property and that PGT might relocate to the top of the hill just West of the last red light on 51 out of Chippewa...where the land is being cleared. I can't say this is true either, but I'd bet some money on it.

How's that for rumors?

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Don't be afraid to spread those rumors all -- that's great ground work and is what this merry forum is all about -- investigating all of our area's possibilities! :)
Rumors of the mall closing persist.
2 years is the scuttlebutt among mall employees....
Supposedly the reason Best Buy closed....

Shell wants to put in two piplines from the Markwest plants one in Huston and one in Cadiz Oh., they will feed the cracker, this is according to a Shell pipeline landman that I talked to.  

Gary - that new pipeline that ended near the Nova chemical plant on 18, where does that originate?

If you mean the line that was put in a few years ago that is an ethane line that runs from Markwest in Huston an connects to a Sunoco line around Butler and runs to Canada. The line goes under the river and continues on after Nova. Mariner West.

That's the one. Thanks. I guess we now know why the ROW was so large for just an 8" line.

Thanks for the help.

I was told the permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to drill under the Ohio was approved for 5 pipelines under the river and that they had a number of years to do all of them. I didn't read it so I don't know how accurate this is, but the person who told me was a worker installing the first one that is functional now.

I have the same reaction as Mr. Manning when I hear these rumors;

Spokeswoman says no truth to rumors of Shell buying Beaver Valley Mall

CENTER TWP. -- Speculation has been rampant the last several weeks that Shell Chemicals is going to buy the Beaver Valley Mall, but the mall’s owner said there is no truth to the rumors.

Heather Crowell, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, which owns the mall, said: “To our knowledge, there is no truth to that.”

The mall in Center Township is located close to the old Horsehead Corp. site currently being remediated by Shell Chemicals in Potter Township. Shell has not yet made a final investment decision on whether it will build a multibillion-dollar ethane cracker plant at the site.

The rumors of Shell buying the mall have been so widespread that Jack Manning, president of the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce, finds himself talking to people about it on a frequent basis.

To Manning, the rumors make no sense on several levels.

“I’ve certainly been hearing that and laughing out loud whenever I hear it,” he said. “It seriously makes no sense for a company that’s coming in, getting tax credits from the state to create jobs, to buy a mall and displace hundreds of people. And for what purpose would they want the mall? It makes no sense whatsoever to me. They have more than enough land to do whatever they need.”

Manning said it’s apparent that Shell “clearly isn’t in the mall management field” and that the multibillion-dollar international oil company would have no use for it.

“I just laugh and try to talk logically to people,” Manning said.

He added that if the potential cracker plant is built here, the hundreds of construction workers and permanent workers will need places to shop and eat. With the mall nearby, it makes sense they would flock there, he said.

Beaver County Commissioner Tony Amadio said Tuesday he first heard the rumor six months ago, but it eventually went away. But now it’s back with a furor, and, like Manning, Amadio finds himself talking about it.

“Rumors, as far as I’m concerned,” he said. “That’s all I can really say. I have no pre-knowledge about a transaction with the mall other than rumors and speculation.”

Shell has not commented on the matter.

At this time I will have to agree as well joe .

Thing is I heard it from an employee over at the shell property. Who knows, it doesn't make a lot of sense to be sure. But then again take a look at the financial condition of a lot of malls in this country. 


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