This is Steve Madsen, Landman, & former project manager for RiverLand Properties, LP, a Dallas, Texas based mineral acquisitions company that in 2011-13 made a very strong attempt to gain mineral Interest in OH/PA's Utica/Marcellus shale.  I am no longer w/ RiverLand, however I am still in the wildcatting game, & work for myself, under the business entity Madsen Energy Development, LLC .

I put landowner's first, and work on getting them the most bang for their buck. , I'll take John Doe's 30 mineral acres & put it on what I like to call the MINERAL-WIRE. Which basically consist of me calling, emailing, & bugging the hell out of companies looking to acquire mineral acreage. The purpose of course is to generate the most capitol possible for my clients. So far, I have closed on several deals, & plan on closing on many more.

I have also begun working w/ an Ohio base real-estate auctioneer, in hopes of eventually putting on some mineral auctions. If anyone would like to be my first please get in touch.

I enjoy representing my fellow Ohio Landowners, & try to find  the best deal for a sale of there O&G rights. If anyone is interested in my services, please give me a call on my cell at (330)565-9526, or email me

"Let the bidding war begin"

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       With your background could you take a look at the royalty payment sheets for landowners and spot each of the methods the O&G Co.s used to cheat the landowner?

There may be big money in helping the landowners get paid for what the O&G Co. took from under their property, then pencil whipped the landowner back into poverty.

What good is owning minerals if the O&G companies are the only ones getting paid after cheating the land owners. 


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