I few weeks back Holland Land Services were taking leases at Southeastern Equip. Training Center for Shell.  They were taking walk-ins and were having people interested in leasing sign a information form and a land agent was supposed to contact you about the lease.  My question is has anyone heard from anyone at Holland?  I know a lot of people signed a lease that were in the original group that week but was just curious about the other people that signed the information form. 

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I was in the original landowner group.  I have talked to some of Holland Staff and they are trying to catch up.  I know they have started to call people.  If you have questions call 1-800-889-2187.  They are trying to set up an office in Cambridge, Ohio.  I am not aware of the location yet.

Thanks for this information .  I will pass it on.  I'm sure they had a lot of walk-ins.


yes, I heard they did.  They also have to contact absentees from the landowner group.  Some of them live out of the state, etc.

Holland Services has an office in the PNC Bank in Cambridge, Ohio.  New phone number is 740-439-2518


Have there been any updates on this leasing?  I have 32 acres in Guernsey that I would like to have leased. 

FYI.  I talked with someone from Holland Land Services this week about the "walk in's" when they had their leasing event back in September.  The walk ins had to sign a information form so they could be contacted at a later date.  I asked specifically about there being a minimum acreage amount and I was told there was not.  This week when I told the land agent how many acres I had they told me that they were not taking any leases less than 20 ac. in Wills Township or other townships in Guernsey County at this time. And they did not know when or if they will be signing less than 20 ac. in the future.

If you have not signed up and have property in Millwood, Oxford,Londonderry, Washington, Madison townships then it is not to late, the EOL, and ECOL are still taking acres.  We are not allowed to pass names but hopefully folks will now who to contact by the owners initials ,I believe J-R-M

He has been here from the start and was the one who 1st started the slow down and think before u sign thought pattern.

Also there is help for all of the HBP landowners[held by production] you can get help and help yourself at uticashaleassociation.org or U.S.A.org


Hey Mark,

They changed the solicitation policies a while back... So on this page you are allowed to share group information.  It is only the main discussion page & the State specific pages where they still request no solicitation.  In the county groups we are ok to post such info now.

My sister was just notified via email that they are interested in leasing her 5 acres by the below person. Anyone have any dealing with him ?  He quoted 5k + 20% royalties. Haven't seen any paperwork as of yet, they are trying to schedule a meeting. His first email listed their parcel number and the following information "

At this time, we would like to offer you $5,000.00 per acre and 20% Royalties for the right to lease your land for the next five (5) years, a total offer of $20,030 for your 5.006 acres.
If the offer interests you, please contact me for more instructions.  We will have representatives on third floor of the PNC Building Downtown Cambridge, 749 Wheeling Avenue. Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm." 

William Cash
Holland Services, Inc.

When she questioned the amount in a reply email, he corrected that to 25K . I just hear so many stories, just trying to  verify the guy and company. Any help is appreciated.

                               Thanks much and Merry Christmas to all !!



What township is she in?

Madison Twshp

Holland works for Shell. The company is legit, but I don't know about the amount. The going rate depends on the township. I know several people who work for Holland Services. My wife and I actually signed with Gulport, but I have had several calls from Holland myself. Hope this helps.


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