A landowner told me he was offered a lease in Guernsey County, Ohio. He doesn't remember the company name and didn't save the phone number... was anyone else approached?

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I have land in Millwood township and was leased by Eclipse back in March.  I don't know what township you are in but that will play a factor in who may be interested in leasing you.  Back in March, Eclipse was interested in SE guernsey.  Ascent and Antero were also active in parts of the county at that time.  I went through the law firm KWGD to get the lease.  

I do know someone who was recently approached. Leasing in Guernsey County is nothing new. But "WHERE" in the county could be very interesting,if its a parcel that is west of Old Washington/Birmingham line.

Hi Bo,

Long time no hear!

Have you heard anything about any drilling in my area, north side of Rt.22, west side of Skullfork Rd., Section 21, Londonderry Twp.?

Resigned, with Ascent, for the second time in Oct. '16 but haven't heard anything about any drilling.

Have you, or anyone on Marcellus, any info you can share? 


Wishing you and all on Marcellus a Merry Christmas!

nc man

NC Man; they're drilling south of Rt. 22 in Londonderry twp. not north. Carrizo sold out, not sure to whom. suspect it was Ascent.An employee of Ascent ,said they are wanting to lease ALL of Guernsey county if possible. Eclipse has been drilling away down in Millwood twp. They stay below the interstate so far, but have been leasing as far north as Winterset. Big Natural Gas power plant going in just below Byesville, They'll tie in to the Rockies Express pipeline. When that fires up,The Crackers get built., and oil&gas prices rise a little, watch out, I figure we'll be in for round two,or the second inning,if you will. Happy Holidays.

Thanks, Bo!


I like what I read.

Sure would be nice to be receiving some royalties, after all these years!

But I certainly feel blessed to have the "surprise" $ I have gotten.

Hope it works out for you, too.

Appreciate your time in responding!

Take care, man!

Keep in touch if you hear any news about the area.

nc man


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