Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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My house is torn up at the moment due to remodeling, I only have the statement dated November 30, 2017 in front of me. I will look for the others, they are around here somewhere in this mess. My September production shows less per barrel of oil and far less for natural gas, only 33 cents and 31 cents for NGL's.

I have no idea why they are showing so little for the natural gas, but I will find out.

Chesapeake corrected some of the errors on the the payment we last received, I didn't have to call them to do it, they must have caught it on their own or saw it on this site.

Has anyone heard anything about the schedule to frack the Mercury units drilled by Eclipse this last Summer ?

They're doing it now.  There have been sand and brine trucks running past the house like crazy for the past week or so.

Yeah, they are pumping water out of a creek on 265, I suppose it is going up to the Mercury pad. Does anyone know where the Eclipse rig went that was above Frankfort Rd? I thought it would be moved to the Jupiter pad but nothing is going on there.  I hope they did not send it to their new acreage in PA which would delay drilling in our area. Eclipse updated their operations report and it mentions that the drilling goes so quickly now they cant keep up with the fracking and they have like 10 uncompleted wells so they are adding a second completion crew  in Q1 so at least that is good news.

What's going on with the Yanosik Unit A?

 I thought they were done and moving off the fritz pad but they’re back doing is blasting so they should be almost done ..

 Looks like they’re finishing up on the wells that’s on the fritz pad yanosik.

I received a letter several months ago from Eclipse notifying me that they had received possession of my lease. This puzzled me because our acreage has been drilled unless they are talking about our Quaker City lots.

I know some others on  East Main Street have received the same notification, anyone know what is going on ?

Eclipse is getting ready to frack the Outlaw wells, then will move over to the Law pad and frack those wells.  

Does anyone know where they are going with the Mercury wells ?

The Mercury wells have been fracked, now have to be drilled out plug, then in production.  Not sure if this is what you were asking.


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