Is anyone aware of a company or companies that may be interested in purchasing mineral rights located in Jefferson??

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Not sure about Jefferson County but in Belmont there  are many companies contacting land owners. I see many advertising in all forms of media. I'm sure a search on here will produce several.

I had an offer just a couple of days ago through a broker type representative for 7500 for everything so I don't know the actual company who made the offer. I haven't responded and am not seriously considering it.

John any idea the name of the broker that made you the offer? If you don't mind sharing, what Twp is your property located in???

I talked with Edmund Kresky but he just forwarded it on to whomever he is representing. Dont know who that is but for what he offered I"m not interested. My land is located in the southern end of Warren Township.

I could not responsibly tell you what they are offering in your area, but DML Energy has someone there.  Always depends on township, terms of your current lease, whether you are Held By Production, if you are unitized, etc.  

Do not believe "blanket" offers you receive in the mail.  In my experience, they have always come back with a much lower offer (think bate and switch).   Also, do not sell 100% of your Mineral Rights or Royalties unless you don't care about the outcome which could be a nice royalty check every month/quarter.  Most investors would always tell you to hedge your bet.  Keep a portion of your mineral rights, but don't hold on to 100%, just in case.  

That way, no matter what, you'll have a lump sum of cash AND you will receive a royalty check....or if there are no royalties or drilling is delayed, you will still have the cash to use as you wish.  

You can contact mark or matt, I believe his name was at (303) 304-6328 or 1 (855) 628-8326

Hope this helps. 

Matt ( :

   Hello everyone. I am interested in speaking with landowners who have mineral acreage located in Jefferson County, more specifically those in Wayne, Smithfield, and Mount Pleasant Townships... My partner and I will be in the area meeting with landowners over the next few weeks, so if anyone has any questions regarding selling their minerals in these townships, please feel free to message me, and we can schedule a good time to speak and/or meet up. Have a great week everyone!

Ryan N. Nyardy

Buckeye O&G, LLC


Why are you targeting Wayne, Smithfield and Mount Pleasant townships?

That's just where our focus is right now... buyers, in general, are starting to look further and further outside the "sweet spot" due to inflated pricing in those areas. Focus areas are changing on a weekly basis it seems.

What townships are considered within the "SWEET SPOT" and does your company purchase mineral rights only? Approximately 32 parcels containing 600 plus acres? 

Sorry, I just saw your reply, as I was out of town with my family this weekend... Smithfield, Mount Pleasant, and Western Wayne are what's considered the "sweet spot" in Jefferson County... My partner and I both reside in Columbiana, OH, and will be in the area, meeting with folks, over the next few weeks. Shoot me a message or email sometime today to discuss, and perhaps we can schedule a time this week to meet. Have a great week, and hope to hear from you!

Ryan N. Nyardy

Buckeye O&G, LLC


Thanks for responding. Unfortunately we are in Salem and Springfield Townships which are not in your target areas. Good Luck 

 As I'm sure you know, "focus areas" change all the time... If and when I come across a buyer with interest in those two townships, I'll be sure to contact you. Thanks again, and have a great week!


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