Just curious...

     I am in Liberty township and a few months ago got an offer to buy my royalties for 1500 to 1800 per acre, but they would do a more in-depth look if I was serious which "mite change the numbers" slightly....even tho I am not drilled or receiving any royalties ..talked to a landsman rite b4 I contacted them and he advised caution as there will be "significant" activity in my area in the "near future"....how about it, anybody else get an offer or hear anything or see any activity here in Tioga Co. ?

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I presume Jack Young, that you are addressing the previous comment to me about looking for mistakes.

Did it ever occur to you that not every one has any experience concerning this important new project concerning this area of Tioga County?   Also Jack, The gas and oil industry has developed it's own JARGON!  To better understand conditions that are going to affect my family for years and generations to come, and other of my neighbors too.  I ask questions that may seem to be picayunish to people that are in the business.  

Have a great New Year's eve celebration and party to your heart's content.

Granddad Ladd

Bill,I'm  sure he was only addressing Old Timer to his last post.  Happy New year to everyone.

Well Paleface,  It is possible that you are right.  Back thru the months and weeks I have also questioned what I have read...…..Not because I had different information, but that because something did not ring true. Or  maybe a typing error changed the entire picture.

Different cultures and education  often change the color and ideas of what we are looking at!

The O &G  industry is changing so fast that what is true right now will not be true at the end of the day!

Anything Old Timer has told me has turned out to be accurate. And he has also cleared up a few misunderstandings  when I asked about them!   We really do not need obvious PUT DOWNS like this one was.  They only cause hard feelings! 

Granddad Ladd

I have been on many other sites, (none having to do with gas and oil).  I have found that there are folks who try to keep secrets that might benefit only themselves. Their purpose is to lift their own self image at the expense of some one else.   Also to fatten their bank account if possible by twisting or hiding facts.  And usually they end up making huge mistakes eventually.  Lawyers or folks who pretend to be on the inside track of something often stumble and go ass over head with embarrassment.

I would awfully hate to be the cause of someone having a stroke or heart attack   by a stupid statement made by a person with a poor self image!

Granddad Ladd 

I absolutely agree that Old Timer is right on the money in spite of what anyone else says!

To make a statement like Jack Young did is inexcuseable! He needs to apologise to Old Timer and to every one on this site!

Granddad Ladd

That's correct - I was addressing Old Timer when I defended my comments about the Eclipse acreage position being on the market against his earlier criticism. Perhaps if I had quit posting then you'd all be saying what a great guy I was. OT has exceptional knowledge of many aspects of the business, and I appreciate that. But that doesn't mean he's always right. When I make mistakes I own up to them, and that's a more mature response than taking your ball and going home.

To be honest, I think the real problem here is that there's so little new in Tioga County these days that it's hard to sustain a discussion like this without straying into politics, rumors and speculation. And the potential for misunderstanding and discord increases the further away from verifiable facts the group goes.

I don't post often because I don't often have something relevant or verifiable to say. When I do post, I stick to what I can substantiate, or I let people know if I'm uncertain. This discussion will only help people if it's accurate.

Go back in time and you'll see me warning people on this site about holding out for higher lease bonuses and royalties long before everyone else acknowledged that the operators weren't making money and the bubble was deflating. If I convinced one person to take an offer that wasn't there three months later, then I'm satisfied. The news isn't always good, but that doesn't mean we can safely ignore it.

OT answered a lot of questions I didn't take the time to respond to, and that was really useful for everyone. I'm sorry he's gone too. The day will come, although perhaps not for several years, when Tioga County becomes more active again and this group will need the help of all the historical participants. Let's hope that everyone answers the call then.

We all need everyone`s thoughts, comments, expertise, knowledge and professional experience to guide us through this adventure to gain personal gas royalties and energy independence for our nation.  Let`s all work together.  Thanks, Jack...   Come back OT!

C`mon guys, let`s all be real here!   My "Gas Field of Dreams" lie in Jefferson County, PA., and I crave for industry news which might be helpful for me to understand how the future may unfold.   I follow your county news because it is so informative & insightful, and I greatly appreciate the information provided by your members.   I have followed GMS for the past 8 years and have enjoyed commentary by folks rich with more knowledge then me.   That list of members has declined over the years as I suspect they have their wells and are now quiet.  I personally appreciate the comments by all of your members, and OT in particular, has solved some gas related mysteries for me.  Let`s all encourage everyone's input and accept each other`s comments as information to help connect the dots for our personal situation.

Happy New Year, too!

Been reading Jack Young and Old Timer both ....... 


Thanks to both of you ................... 


My land north of you in Lindley NY awaits a new Administration in Albany ..... [[[ Lots of  luck } ............... 

Good morning FarmGas.  It took me several attempts to get to become a member here......mostly because  of difficulties with passwords.  I was aware of the Painter well pad plans a couple years before it became reality.  I spent many hours as a youngster hiking and exploring and also working, (plowing and harvesting crops grown there),   the exact location of this pad as well as hunting squirrels and deer there. 

I had no idea of  the entire area, (flatcastle area), would be divided into units. Big John Painter and I grew up together and were lifelong friends. And of course we often talked about the new industry, (O&G) about to make huge changes in our area, let alone on our own properties.  John and I were both entering the "GOLDEN YEARS of LIFE". 

I said to John,  " Neither one of us will benefit from any discovery made! The wheels turn so slowly that we will both be gone before that happens!"    Little did I know just how prophetic my words turned out to be at least for my friend John Painter.  Cancer took him out.

Plans were made for a drilling pad on John's property.  Little did I know that the Painter unit included about 15 acres of my own property.

Somehow I learned about this site and joined.   The rest is history!

We can all learn about how the industry works from each other and folks like OLD TIMER!

Hoping to read many postings from you and other members in the near future. 

Granddad Ladd

Old Timer sent me a private message  yesterday.

He left it to me whether to share it with the other members or not.  I choose not to divulge most of what he shared with me. There seems there was some sort of rift between Old Timer and Jack Young.  Both of them posted information pertinent to  the exploration of gas and oil deposits.  But Old Timer very often was much closer to the why's and how's.  In other words Old Timer had a much greater insight as to  what was about to take place.   Old Timer also steered me toward the actual mechanics of exactly how the drilling was accomplished.  I thank him for that!  Old Timer also was well acquainted with the landowners, the location of their properties and even important facts about their farming operations.

He told me that he was about to leave the discussions to the rest of us. Old Timer, in a manner of speech, was and is able to explain how a modern airplane flies and stays in the air, compared to how a kid's kite was able to fly...…. when it comes to the gas&oil industry.

Granddad Ladd


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