Had a call from someone about purchasing mineral rights for 6500/acre?  Any one else been approached?  


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That isn’t news. That’s the current climate for a good while now and will probably continue for a much longer time.

Dan, where is your acreage located? We have had high offers but it has been awhile since 12k per acre was offered. 


Are you a Attorney realtor or broker?? we have some stuff in Belmont wed be looking to entertain offers on

He wasn’t saying the offers were for our acres.  Just in general that was the high offers in eastern Ohio depending on if the acres were wanted to complete a unit.  It’s like real estate value,  Location is most important.  

@keepthefaith - where are your mineral rights located? county & township?

Think about brokering them so you get multiple offer to pick from. 

My family just signed a new contract. Haven't been paid yet but it was for 6250 x acre and 20% with no deductions. Jefferson County.

Nice, it sounds like you did well.(so long as the money comes thru that is)

Who were you working with?

Hired a Lawyer who is dealing with Ascent...Hope this means they are ready to drill..Leased first time  2007..

Darlene, You should see something happen fairly soon. I took a tour of the rig drilling in that area about 3 months ago and overheard that well is on hold till all leases are signed. Was told the last lease was signed in Sunshine Park a couple of weeks ago. Good Luck.

Ascent Marcellus just filed for bankruptcy.FYI


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