Does anyone know how much carbon dioxide (CO2) will typically be present in gas coming out of Marcellus shale?  

I am working on a CO-related program, and would like to know how 'sweet' this gas is.  Please post any links to data, papers, or sources if possible.

Thanks a lot-


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You might start your research at EXXON as they area building a 100 million dollar plant to remove the CO2 from NG
Attached you will find a couple of Doccs that may help...
Jean how would these docs ever help his question?? Again, you have posted a link to a bunch of abstracts from people looking to get research funding... They all have nothing to do directly with the marcellus. Then the other is just a link to a paper overviewing the marcellus in new york.

You never seem to amaze me with your off-topic posts.

Bill - typically the gas will have less than 0.1% CO2.

Frank, almost no oxygen. H2S isnt a problem in deeper wells like the marcellus. Negligable.
Now Nancy, that is an answer. I work for a company that does midstream gas cleaning and just happen to live in Lycoming County. I am just looking to see what processes they may use. I definitely appreciate the logical and simple answer. Have a great Easter!!! :)
I would also like to know what levels of H2S, Oxygen, and/or CO2 are in the gas coming up from the Marcellus Shale Play. This can tell me what process needs to take place for midstream gas treatment. Thanks, Frank
EXXON has already invested 100 million into a new gas treatment plant.. check the websight
Bill you need to Google alert this if you haven't yet I believe 1/3 compared to black gold when burnt as how much if any co2 will be released during drilling . You may want to include the disturbing of the land or forest too.
They will not be burning off anything in NYS as that is part of the new regulations.. they have to process the extra..


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