I guess my question  is do very many women work at marcellus shale and do you think women can do the work ? just looking for opinions thanks

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Hi Julie,

I am not sure how many women are working in the field on drilling rigs. I am sure a woman could do the work the same as a man. Being the new rigs are setup to use less man power and more Hyds. I am sure its hard work and just the fact that once a drill starts a well down it don't stop until is completed. That maybe 14 to 21 days until the workers have time off before the rig is moved and set up ready to drill the next well.

I hope I am being truthfull on this. I am just passing on things I have been told by others.

I do know  there are many many other jobs out there that work with and support the drilling part of making a Marcellus shale well.

I would tell any woman out there to look into any job that they think they can do.

As for the field of welding that I have been I know women make super good weldor. I taught welding at our Jeff Tech and the ladies were always good at it. My daughter is a great weldor and worked in the shop for many years bulding tanks. She has moved out of welding into the office now. But she still enjoys welding when she can make someting she needs at home.


There are tons and tons of different jobs that surround the Marcellus shale, and I cant think of one that only a man could do.   There are girls kicking butt overseas in the military, I'm sure a silly little drill rig is nothing compared to that.
thank you.

KUDO'S TO YOU, TAREN !  I think we've seen pix of you on your rig ?  It's difficult work for any gender, it would be totally daunting for me.  You go, Girl !



Todd's Mom, Kit

Thank you! for the reply


Hi! Yes and many of them do. No different than the industry I once was employed in. I worked with woman assigned as construction field engineers on high profile transportation projects to administrative engineers. You set the limits where you fit and want.


Good Luck! 

Thank you !
Julie, if you have not done so already, check out the job portal at marcelluscoalition.org. To my knowledge looks like the best site for Marcellus Shale contacts and jobs, many of the companies identified as members of the coalition are hiring. With effort, I'm sure there is something for you.

thank you I go to a meeting tomorrow  to talk about the schooling  after the meeting hopefully ill be able to make a decision on taking the classes or moving on .. thank you!
I went to kitt. on tuesday for a meeting about going to school  the instructor never showed after 40 min a lady from the school came in to  reschedual which was fine  but she was very discouraging.. saying how  if you have  a family and a life that it wasent the job for you and it is very demanding I do not mind work at all . I have two kids and iam not married she was basicly telling me not to go for it.. It is reschedualed for next wed. but i dont know if i should go now or  look for a diff schooling option sigh... i think iam more frustrated now
hi I was looking in to a trade school yes in kitt pa .  here are the classes  :


Trades and Industry

Lenape Adult and Continuing Education offers courses related to trades and industry that can help individuals learn skills for employment in a new field or to enhance their existing skills. Sign up for one class, or combine several for a well-rounded education. Begin training toward a career in

Marcellus-Shale by enrolling in Certified Natural Gas & Oil Facility Technician, Certified Energy Specialist, CDL Truck Driving, Welding, Machining, or Electrical classes. Many classes have limited class size, so register early.

Certified Natural Gas & Oil Facility Technician

Looking for a new career path? Marcellus Shale is the industry that will provide you a new path. This two-level program is primarily classroom instruction focusing on elements required to receive certification. Level One will familiarize the student with terminology, equipment and basic operations of the industry. Level Two is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, focusing on the skills needed for site preparation, distribution, and maintenance. Certification is ONLY granted upon satisfactory completion of all exams. .Minimum requirements are high school diploma/GED, successful drug screening and have the ability to pass a criminal background check. Proficiency in basic English, reading, and math skills are required. Need to brush up on your skills? Enroll in free PLATO Web Learning at the Armstrong Educational Trust. (160 clock hours) Call for details. NEW! $5,980.00

Certified Energy Specialist

The Certified Energy Specialist is primarily classroom instruction focusing on elements that the oil and gas industry require to receive certification. The program contains Terminology, General Knowledge and a strong focus on Field Operation Safety. The student will complete this course knowing the basic procedures essential to maintaining and operating gas wells in the field, gas conditioning equipment, preventing and controlling worksite incidents, OSHA 10 safety course. Minimum requirements are high school diploma/GED, successful drug screening, and have the ability to pass a criminal background check. Proficiency in basic English, reading and math skills are required. Need to brush up on your skills? Enroll in free PLATO Web Learning at the Armstrong Educational Trust. (80 clock hours)

Call for details.

NEW! $3,880.00

CDL Truck Driving Training

Looking for a career change? Consider CDL part time or full time training classes. Prior to the start of the class the student will take a career assessment and be interviewed to ensure that the minimum requirements are met. The student will receive classroom training and lab time in actual tractor trailer trucks with senior driver instructors. Student must be 18 years of age with a GED or be a high school graduate, and currently hold a PA Class C driver's license with a clean driving record. Upon successful completion of the training, the student will take the road test to earn a Commercial Driver's License. (160 clock hours)

Call for next available class. $4,995.00

The Certified Gas Well Tending with CDL

This course will cover 34 specialized modules regarding various aspects of the natural gas industry and state certified preparation and examination for a Class A Commercial Drivers License. The Natural Gas curriculum is divided into three areas of study: General Knowledge, Safety, and Terminology; with an emphasis on safety in all aspects of the industry. Upon completion of the classroom portion for gas and oil, the student will begin their CDL instruction culminating with a Pennsylvania Class A commercial drivers license. In addition, industry regulations pertinent to each area of study are discussed and reviewed. As scheduling permits, industry experts offer their personal insight into the industry and their particular field of expertise. Minimum requirements are high school diploma/GED, successful drug screening, clean driving record, and an ability to pass a criminal background check. Proficiency in basic English, reading and math is essential. Need to brush up on your skills? Enroll in free PLATO Web Learning at the Armstrong Educational Trust (240 clock hours)

Call for DetailsNEW! $7,995.00


I was looking in to the last one listed but  iam still not sure  the lady at the school had said its prob not for me ..   idk there are alot of schools i can look at but this seemed  interesting to me ... 

iam not sure of career fairs but i seen this one when i looked them up Spring 2011 WestPACS Job & Internship Fair
Largest job fair in the Pittsburgh region for college students and alumni.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
10am - 3pm
Monroeville Convention Center
Monroeville, PA


 Anthony   Hi Yes they are  they said you need those to get in to those jobs  but i have so many other  schooling options i guess iam just not sure ...  I just want a career tht will last and benifit my family.   have fun at the farm show !! My bf's brother went out this week mon and tues   i love the farm show ttys


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