A company serving the oil and gas industry has made an investment and will bring jobs to Guernsey County,
GoFrac LLC of Forth Worth, Texas,
Starting with 50 employees immediately, The goal is to hire at least 75 and, by next summer, hope to have 150."
Although the figures were not firm, the company may make an investment of as much as $46 million.

The company liked the site because of its proximity to the crossroads of Interstate 70 and Interstate 77.
"It has good demographics. They can get around to service all of the big oil companies.

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This building is 1/4 mile from my house. I drive buy it on my way to work. I'll keep an eye on and let ya know when the equipment starts to show up!
:-h waveThanks

I hope you know that anything coming out of Ft. Worth is just as bad as all the companies coming out of the Frack Pitt......this industry has destroyed our land.



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