How long till gulfport will be able to start drilling again. I heard that they had to fix 7 or 8 pads before they can start again. They have started to test water and also started seismic testing in are area. Any information would be good

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From what I understand they have corrected their violations and they are still drilling. They just finished drilling on the Shugert 1-1H pad by my house and that rig is heading north of state route 22.

How long after they tested your water and seismic testing did they start to drill. We live south of Barnesville rt.148.

They didn't have to test my water I wasn't close enough to the well head pad. I signed my lease in November of 2011 and they didn't drill until August 2012 if that helps any.

I think they only shut down drilling at the 7 pads that had problems:

  • Eagle Creek pad 
  • Inherst pad
  • McCort pad
  • BK Stephens pad
  • Gustina-Bear pad
  • Clay pad
  • Ryser pad

I don't know if/when these have  been rebuilt and drilling resumed.

I know that they have been drilling on the Bolton pad.

They are also going to be adding security to their pads

They certainly are busy in my area.They have been fracking for the past 3 weeks at the Ryser well in Harrison county.


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