Curious If anyone is leasing anything or buying acreage.

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How many acres and approximately where at, I might be interested.


Close to Harrisville. Only 2 acres

Make up a few flyers and post the flyers at a few places in Cadiz....Mark West office, Laundry mat, etc...many new folks in town and some that will have permanent jobs at the plant.  If the lot is buildable and has utilities I would'nt sell for less than $35K

Anyone know which oil and gas company is leasing property is southwest Harrison County? Thanks


I would either talk to your neighbors or go to the recorders office and see who owns the leaseholds around you.  Look to the northwest and southeast of  your ownership and you could likely talk those companies into leasing your property.   Small parcels less than 5 acres could be more difficult.

Thanks. I will. We have a little over 600 acres looking to lease to an oil and gas company. Gulfport is nearby, but the tel number i was given doesnt work. no one answers the phone. I will keep trying.

What township?  That amount of acreage could have multiple laterals.

600........good Gulfport corp office and Hess

Send me a note. I might be interested.


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