I'm relatively new to this website, but have heard about all the oil/gas in Eastern Ohio. I didn't think much of it (from my personal standpoint) affecting Muskingum County, but see there is a Coshocton County group with activity and leases being signed all around it. We have roughly 80 acres in Frazeysburg, OH in Muskingum County and am wondering if anybody around us knows anything more than I do...

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Hi I am in Muskingum County myself. It seems a bit sketchy upon Muskingum County but if we were in Muskingum get a bit more involved we should gain a wealth of info.
Yesterday the Times Recorder reported Halburton is getting 100 acres near the airport to build a facility. Perhaps creating 300 acres. Attorneys Grahm & Grahm are floating a group giving them 9 months to negotiate a lease with no one knows offering the landowner $3,500/acre at I think 16%. I do not know what specific are they are looking at. From my understanding the Utica extends to almost Columbus.

Another Group is forming that includes Muskingum County.  Link is below.


Thanks David for the info. Can't say I was overly impressed by the information provided at the link. Perhaps I might go to their next meeting. Again thanks.

I will tell you this i had contact with V.E.T. early this year, they want a percentage of your Bonus Money (Advance Lease Payment) and a percentage of your ROYALTY when a well is finally drilled, FOREVER, that could equal an outrageous sum for information and opportunities you can do for yourself with a little homework, much of which can be found here on this site and the state and county websites.

Pay yourself first, take a little time and do the work, keep your money in your pocket. Under no circumstance would i give anyone a percentage of either my Advance Lease Payment ( Bonus Money) or my Royalty money.

If a group wishes to charge a fee for the legal work and a pittance for the staff, no problem, If they want a reasonable per acre amount for the same work, no problem. PERCENTAGE= PROBLEM=SeeYA, Wouldn't Wanna Be YA!

Of course that is only my opinion, but i am the kind of guy that does my own carpentry work, wrenching on equipment, plumbing work, etc. I will do the work and pay myself. Sometimes the results are not without mistakes, but hey, i did my best, i put the time and effort in it.

MY advise, stay up a few nights a week on a computer, hunt and peck like i do if you must, google key words, read up, make a few phone calls, go to meetings just dont comitt. Then have an attorney read and advise before you sign.

Understandably I can understand your train of thought. I started the thread for all to share. For example if Grahm &Grahm is looking at $3,500/acre I would say that would be a Base Line to start at, the same goes for the percentage. But as I said it sure doesn't hurt to hear about what's going on. Buy the wv I do my own welding,on top of what you do yourself. Merry Christmas to ya.

Billy, I agree we need more people to share in the exchange of information, as well as passive readers. And i certainley dont want to stifle that, its just there is no easy solution to this complex situation we landowners are in. Yes we definately need to hear all sides of the equation, but so many are easily swayed by a good smooth line of Bull, then will cry and moan when things turn out wrong. I really want this to go well for all of us, i guess thats why i am so forceful with my words of caution.

We all lead such busy lives, many of us are fighting and going without many things, just to hold on right now, and to keep our property. No matter your personal financial situation, its always nice to have fresh new money to work with right.

I am aware of how i just keep beeting this drum to pieces in so many different threads, saying we need to do this right and have good protective lease language. And i also truly believe those that can and will hold out, can reap better financial reward from this. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

BTW i cant weld to save my life, i guess i will have to bring my next project to you, lol

Ty for the info perhaps I will slide over that way for it.
Do you have any contact information about the group? Will they publicize the meeting through local newspapers ect?
If rumors count I heard today a person near ST RT 586 and ST RT 146 was being offered $7,500/acre, but the lease was a long term lease. I also heard Shell was offering $5,000/acre in the Cambridge area. BOTH ARE HOWEVER ARE NOT CONFIRMED but overheard.
Ok heres what I heard, I have relative in Cambridge that I had informed about the Shale Play and I was seeking employment in the high tech end of the industry. He knows I have a Clinton well upon my property and told him about what's was going on based upon info from this site. He said he had heard a little about it but it didn't really interest him to much as he is not a land owner. Well he called me yesterday and said a person he knew in the Cambridge area told him about the $5,000/acre offered by a Shell representative. That's all I know on that right now.
The other offer near the Licking/Muskingum line was tonight while talking to a land owner neighbor while he was at a birthday party. That's all I know on that. Nether would have a reason to tell me wrong deliberately so I call it some what plausible.

If you go to the Guernsey County discussion site you will see an abundance of offers in the $5k + range. I know of shell offering $5k in Muskingum, but with more than 25 acres and on the Guernsey line....just in the New Concord area. Those offers are TRUE. I live just east of New Concord in Guernsey and signed for over $5k (not with Shell).

Ty for the info,Jon may ya have a Happy New Year!


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