I just had an offer for an above ground 18 " waterline. Anyone know the going rate or have any suggestions ? Thanks

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Not sure about rates but if this a "temporary" line, temporary is a relative term. What you think is temporary may be a much shorter amount of time than what it will be in place. You may want to impose a time limit and a renewal payment. Good luck.

I did. They first offered 10 years so I got them down to 5. Don`t know if this is good or bad either. I can`t find any information on it. Thanks for you input.

I have heard numbers from $2 to $20 per foot, per year.  Depending on how bad they need your property.

Thanks, I think they bought wells from another Co. on the other side of me and want to run on a O/G right of way so no tree buying or cutting.. thanks Geo5


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