Last week we received a letter and lease in the mail from Pleasant View Managment.  We have almost nine acres on the very age of Summit County in New Franklin between Barberton and Canal Fulton.  We were offered $2,500 per acre and a 16% royalty.  I do not know if the royalty is gross or net as we were unaware that this was even offered until I did some research last night and find this website and started educating ourselves.  In all honesty we do not know where to go from here or what to do.  We have spoken to two different friends in Carroll County but with different ideas.  One friend already signed a lease a couple years ago for $1,500 an acre and the other has not signed anything and is holding out and not doing anything.  Any help/information that anyone can give us would be greatly appreciated.  We do not know if anyone else in our area has been contacted yet and on everything I read on this site last night I did not seem leases being offered in Summit County and I did not see the name Pleasant View Managment anywhere.



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WishGard by now has a TERRIBLE reputation on this website (read more about them in the Trumbull County and Ashtabula County sections)'s no surprise that they are now trying to lease under their affiliate company, Pleasant View.  Like everyone else has said, I'd recommend you dismiss them as abruptly as possible...


Wishgard has absolutely zero associating with Pleasant View Mangament.  Pleasant View was started by by EX-Wishgard employees who thought they could do it on there own.  Any mistakes or failures by Pleasant View are not the responsibility of Wishgard. 

Wishgard isn't responsible for anything, including the cheap leases and innuendo that they deal in.

  Hi welcome to the site. Hopefully you are a coffee drinker with plenty in reserve. A one nights viewing here is just a small step. I strongly urge you to join a  county group as close to your location as possible so that you may be better informed as to what is going on around you. 

  Seems like every day some one can find something new, a situation that that comes into play that we have not considered.  That is why the site is so dynamic.  Even friendships are being created in here. 

  Welcome, enjoy,  and learn. 

Thank you for the welcome Billy. 

Jim,  If you want some information on a Landowner Group forming in Summit County call me and I will let you know what is up.  Tim Walsh Professional Engineer, Tallmadge, Oh., email: or Cell: 330-351-0906


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