I read recently about "Super Pads". I think that is what they were called.

Anyway they are drill pads that many more wells are drilled then what we are more familiar. Six or eight wells from one pad.

Anyone familiar with them or have any of these super pads in Pensylvania?



Granddad Ladd

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EQT recently announced they will be using more super pads in their upcoming drilling, not only are they able to drill more legs, but the legs will be of record length.  In my humble opinion, unfortunately a super pad equates to EQT being able to Super Cheat a larger number of mineral owners.

Here is a link from EQT's website that references an article on the topic, published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Thank you "WV" for your reply.  I had no idea this idea could be expanded to such an extent.  Now I am wondering if the well unit next to us is toying with the "Super Well Pad". I say this because there is already a gas pipeline installed to a Dominion storage area not far from us. It was told to us that another gas line  would likely be installed in future years. A waterline was laid from the river up over two steep hills with another booster  pump midway to well site. But apparently failed to work properly. So they used tanker trucks to bring water directly to well site. But they  left the waterline in place. 

Rumor from a few months ago stated that the "Black River Deposit" would also be explored from this well site.



Granddad Ladd

Here's a thread I started one week ago on the same subject....



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