is anybody familliar with the wells Oxford has completed on Barker Rd, near Quaker city.  They are just down the road from me and im getting drilled in 2012.

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When were they drilled? Can you pinpoint them on a map? I'm assuming this is in Guernsey County, Millwood Twp?

Try Google Maps using "Barker Rd, Quaker City OH" as the search string.

There is an Oxford Well from 2007 on the south side of 265 very near where Barker Rd goes north off 265.  Click on the link below for the map.

Well permit 24065 map

The new well is about 2 mile up Barker rd.  it was drilled over the summer.  It is on Douglas property, it is right on the Belmont/Guernsey line.  They are drilling one now on the east side of me.  They look to be a shallow vertical well.

There are 3 recent Oxford well permits in that area. They are in Belmont county (barely), Warren Twp, Section 32. Click on them below for map locations. Maybe one of these is what you are talking about?

NE Douglas #1 map , Permit 20615, issued 12/03/10, 69 acre drilling unit

NE Douglas #2 map , Permit 20617, issued 12/30/10, 86.8 acre drilling unit

NE Douglas #3 map , Permit 20629, issued 04/08/11, 69.71acre drilling unit

All 3 wells are Well Class EDPW, which the state defines as "Deeper Pool Wildcat".

those are them,  i have 360 ac. down the road , my property line is the guern/belmont line.

DPW is that a deep well ? sounds like it.  Do those well produce much ? typically.

Do those well produce much ?


Lets put it this way; with 360 acres, you need to see a CPA, a financial planner, and a good estate lawyer ASAP!!! 


Good luck! 


PS Do you have a daughter?

Jim, you made me spit out my beer. I missed the signing bonuses because I'm already leased. Will oxford drill the deep wells ? They will not share any info on what they are planning. I don't think they have the resources to go after the deep gas. Maybe u know more than me which is very possible. I just feel like I missed the gold rush by signing with oxford. Oh. By the way two young boys cat bird and dog.

Sorry about the beer, hope you didn't damage the keyboard.


I don't know anything about Oxford. I am in Lawrence Co Pa  and Oxford is not here.  But I do know that your area is in the middle of the next gold rush as CHK hit oil, bigtime.  You really need to do some serious financial planning.  When someone gets around to drilling your property, you may get $500 per acre...per month! Thats $180,000 per month. And with oil and lots of wet gas, it could be double that.


You need to talk to an expert in estate planning that knows royalty issues inside and out. If you should die, the IRS will figure your estate based on 7 years of royalties leaving your family with a massive death tax.  Start researching it now so you will be ready when a drilling company shows up.


Good luck!

The first two were permitted at 5115' and 5100' deep and then later amended to 10500' deep. The third was permitted at 10500 ft. All three are listed as drilling formations from Berea to Knox. They are only permitted as vertical wells at this point. If Oxford decides to re-permit these as horizontal wells targeting the Utica shale and invest in laterals for these wells, they could indeed be very profitable.



Are you in the industry or a self taught gas / oil guy ?   you seem to know quite a bit about the wells.  Do you have any feelings about Oxford ?  They sure wont say much and keep all of the land owners in the dark. 

Self taught. I have a chunk of ground in Belmont county I want to get the best deal possible for and the only way for that to happen was to learn everything i could about the industry. You only get one chance to lease your oil and gas rights so you need to do it right the first time.

The only thing I can tell you about Oxford is that they are not in the horizontal well business. All their existing wells and recent permits are for vertical wells which have not exactly been productive in the developing Utica shale play. Horizontal drilling and advances in horizontal hydraulic fracing technology are what have made the Marcellus and Utica shales economically viable and have driven the industry. They could enter this market by partnering with a larger operator who has horizontal capable drilling rigs and develop some of their deep vertical wells into deep horizontal wells and cash in on the Utica shale in Ohio. If they held my lease, I would contact them and ask some very pointed questions about their intentions for my land in the remaining period of my lease. Go up the food chain within Oxford if you have to. I would also study the lease in depth to see if there is any way they may have violated its terms so I could have it canceled and then pursue the options available in today's market.

Oxford said they have drilled two horiz. Wells. Both fracked twice ? Maybe they are full of bs to get me off their back. Thanks for the insight.


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