Hello all, I know many had signed lease before me, so i would think Id be hearing about some renewals by now. My 5 years is up in April. Anyone heard of Gulfport holding up to the renewal arrangement, or they just letting them go? Guernsey County Madison Township. 

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I'd say; $7500 an acre is okay, just pay it now, or go fly a kite. 15% royalties aren't too awful bad, as long as it's no less than that by fees,and other deductions. 15% MINIMUM!!!!!!!! From proceeds at point of sale to an UN-AFFILIATED buyer!

Just curious Bo, can you wheel and deal with Ascent on the price of the acre, etc., on a new lease? Or is just getting Ascent to renew the original lease the best way to gol?

Also, an update on Carrizo's well bottom being in our west part of Section 21. My brothers went to County Recorder's office, Tuesday to try and straighten this out. No success there.

Here was their findings, by email to me, after their trip down to Cambridge----


We talked with Jim Merser.  He showed us exactly where our mineral rights are in section 21.  The upper section of 21 is divided into 4 rectangle sections.  Our mineral rights include the entire third section (counting from the left).
ODNR issues permits which include all other information related to the site(like laterals).  This info is sent to the Recorder's Office to record and Map Office to Plot on his map for office only for tax purposes and 911 (totally separate from ODNR).  Jim insists on appropriate coordinates to update his map from info supplied by ODNR. 
Jim did take all the info to the above well and plot it on his map for Buck and I.  He explained that the width acrossed section 21 should be 1 mile.  Section 21 is sightly larger.  he showed the lateral line from the above well and then drew a line directly down the center of section 21.  It appeared that the lateral line was sightly into our mineral rights.  But Jim said he wasn't sure that that was truly the case...but it sure looks it. Neither office could comment regarding the 500 foot rule (no lateral within  anothers mineral rights).  Jim said maybe that applies to some ones house?
Jim made it very very clear.  Who we need to address this issue with is ODNR.  Both offices said Carrizo is a good company.
I clicked on the bottom hole of theWagler 1S well, and clicked the green dote which brings up the well summary.
On the bottom of that well report page,  I found a place that stated if you have  any discrepancy, report it to Tony Brown at the Guernsey County Auditor's Office,
So I  sent an email to the auditor's office and explained what I had found about the producing Wagler 1S well being on my part of Section 21. We were never included in the pool to recieve royalties since the well started producing.
Explained the well report states, Wagler 1S well starts at Section 27 and ends at Section 20.
BUT IT DOES NOT GO INTO SECTION 20 AT ALL!----------- it goes into the west section of OUR PART of Section 21.
Have not heard back from anyone in the Auditor's Office or Corrizo.
My brother is contacting ODNR but have not heard back from my brother, yet.
I also, emailed Carrizo on this BIG error. No response, yet.
Bo or any of my o/g friends, on this site, have any feelings on how this might go down?
Will we or wouldn't we get our fair share from this producing well?
Bo, if you do not want me to bother you with all of this, let me know.
No hard feelings.
nc man

Next stop; the county engineers office. They may have something there of interest. Hate to run Buck around, but that would be the last stop you could do to find out as much as possible without visiting a lawyers office. It's what I would do. good luck. I think Carrizo has an office in Cambridge.

Response from ODNR about Carizzo's well bottom being on our section, of Section 21 .


Sent: 9/15/2016 4:28:15 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Wagler 1 Bottom Hole Location

Mr. W,

            As we discussed on the phone the Wagler 1S (34059243680000) was permitted as a vertical stratigraphic test well. Carrizo then applied for a new permit to drill horizontally from that well and received permit 34059243680100 Wagler 1H. Once a company drills a well they are required to submit a survey showing the exact location of that well. I attached a copy of the well survey Carrizo took on the Wagler 1H. This survey shows that the well is oriented SE and the bottom hole is in Section 20 of Guernsey County, Londonderry Township. 

Your concern was that the approved bottom hole location differed from the location posted on the online map. After looking into this I found that the bottom hole location was incorrectly entered into our database. This typing error on our part caused the bottom hole location for this well to post about a mile north of where it is actually located. I updated our database with the correct location and you should see these changes on the online map within the next day or two. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call. 

 Matthew S. Erenpreiss


ODNR – Division of Oil and Gas

2045 Morse Rd., Bldg. F2

Columbus, Ohio 43229

Website: http://oilandgas.ohiodnr.gov/


Within hours the position of the Wagler 1S well, on the map, was changed!

Seems too fast a "fix", to me, but what can you do????

I guess this is the end of the "mystery" involving the well bottom on our property and no royalties.

Thanks, Bo


You lease wasn't sold to Ascent  AEP spun off the Utica into Ascent... no sale, just went along with that division into a separate entity.  You wouldn't have been notified, but it was all over the news that happened.

thx for the clarification, 


Yes you can wheel and deal, everything is negotiable


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