ALOV and Northern Trumbull County- Updated Discussion to include BP Lessor's and Bonus money Payment's

Hello all!

 I have been doing a little research and speaking with friends and neighbors about forming a group to address the needs of those of us not yet represented by a landowners group.

This led me to call ALOV after hearing that they had accepted some acreage in Trumbull county.

I paid little attention to ALOV earlier as their website did not list Trumbull county as an area of interest, although the work they were doing was certainly of great interest to me.

 From what i gather there was a cut-off of June 30 for sign-up with ALOV, they extended that and also had a meeting at RD banks Chevy in Champion. This may not be news to some of you, but i had not come across the posting until after. The word i got from an individual at ALOV was that Chesapeake set a northern geographical cut-off in Trumbull county of St.Rt.88, again this may not be a newsworthy flash to some. Many landowners attended, more than expected according again to a source at ALOV, and signed up their acreage.

Now heres the news, ALOV has agreed to start a "Waiting List" of still more interested parties from areas north of St.Rt.88. If you call them with name, address and phone number they will put you on the list, and depending on level of interest, they may choose to represent us as a group in a similiar fashion, with the same or even better terms to Chesapeake, or another interested party.

So call up ALOV, their number is listed on their site , and ask to be included in their next go around. From where i stand why re-invent the wheel, they already have done the groundwork and have the attention of the industry on favorable terms, lets ask them to either start another "Pool" to include us, or come work with us to the same end.

If you have information to share, please join in the discussion, Thanks 

 Hello again to all my fellow Utica Shale Owners. I Just stopped in to ask if there were any who signed with BP from the ALOV Northern Trumbull county group, that resulted from these efforts, still around.

Has anyone had any conversations/correspondence from BP concerning title defects, or other issues that would delay payment or affect your lease, or gotten a check for Bonus money? 


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The way I get mail lately it does not surprise me that some people have not got the newsletter. USPS is going down in quality. Sometimes I do not get mail for days then all of sudden I get a bulk load.

Same here...I also have an elderly couple that live on the road behind with the same house number.  If I get their mail I put it back in the box.  They throw mine out!  That's why I was so worried that maybe BP would just be putting the checks in the mail.  Also I'm worried that my property didn't make it through and they send a letter and I didn't get it.  I'm such a worry wart!  Hopefully we will soon have our checks and our minds can be put to ease.  I know I could sure use the money!

Signed on the second day. No check yet.


I signed 3rd on the first day of the signing in the first group. I am in Bloomfield. I got the newsletter Sat but no check yet. I think the newsletter is due to the fact that we are all mentioning we should be a bit more informed here on GMS since they monitor this site.

My parents signed in May and the got their check in August. They live next door to me. We signed the same day but I have not received mine. Still waiting.
From what I have heard checks are being sent out as the title is being processed. There isn't a particular pattern except the payment due date.

It'll come.  When?  I have no way of knowing, but it'll come.  It took Moses 40 years to get to the promised land, but he got there.  Sometimes I worry and wonder how I'm going to get through each predicament, but then am reminded to trust in the Lord.  He'll get me there. 


For example, I needed a book for my College Writing II course this semester and they were sold out.  Went to the book store outside of campus & it was SOLD OUT there as well.  I started to freak out (internally), but was reminded by my sister that she might have the book in her shelf (from when she went to college).  She didn't have it.  Then my son reminded me that the book was probably available online or via my mobile.  So, I had hopes again and thought, "Okay God, I'm gonna trust you.  Don't know how you're going to pull this one out, but I'm going to trust you."  So, I get home & my Mom suggests checking in the book shelf that she had of my Grandpa's books.  Lo & behold, it was down there!  A book that was written, probably 400b.c. was around and I have it!  I was so excited and just couldn't stop laughing.  All along, it was there.  I just had to believe that "He" would get me there.  :-)

I don't know what all ya'lls beliefs are, but faith in it coming, regardless who you bow down to it's definitely a mind-set.  It'll come.  (That's my mind-set.)

Well the Fed Ex truck passed me up again I saw him stop next door. Guess I wont get paid this month.

Getting a little nervous now as they only have 4 weeks left to pay the first group. My nerves are shot listening for that truck.  Anyone get their check this week?

Anyways, have a good holiday weekend.........

I feel the same way.  It's really starting to worry me.  I've seen the FedEx truck driving around but no stops at my house.  Part of me wishes that BP would have just waited and sent them all at once.  There is only 4 weeks to go before the deadline and I guess all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. 

Have a safe holiday!

Any news? The silence is killing me 


Go to the Trumbull county Forum look at Daves reply. He says the Title people have been given till the 15th by BP to get them all done.


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