Is anybody noticing the deductions by Encinco. In addition to some taxes they are now deducting for “production costs”. When asked she said all leases are being reviewed and after that, the deductions would be refunded if they weren’t to deduct them. Said it would take months before they are done. Mine amounted to almost 1/3 of gross. 

Wonder if this is their way of getting cash and then will pay back months later. I didn’t notice it until now as they didn’t get the online owner info working until now. Waiting for June’s report but sounds like they are going to keep up the deductions until they finish review of all leases.

Is there anything we can do

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Working in Georgia yesterday and bought gas at Walmart for $2.38.

Don't spend too much time trying to understand Ron’s “bizarre’ by watching to many of his linked U tubes.  Like Isis, they designed them to slowly indoctrinate folks down their rabbit hole.  Their communication is mainly a one direction monologue and each new devotee steps up repeats like an ill bee colony.  If you can find a way to fix it please save the world.

You’re correct, putting your feet up is not a very nice thing to do. And popcorn really doesn’t go well with beer.
William Ladd: I like the perspective and it’s a great approach. I wish people would utilize that approach with the traditional news/media and well as the non traditional media. It’s almost impossible for humans to not inject bias into news and that’s even if they are trying to be neutral. However, it’s seems that we in this country have embraced extremism and like a moth to a flame, most people tend to goto the flame, however it’s a flame they can identify with. Those with little, or those who want to make little effort tend to goto those promising hand outs or those that hand deliver a Gillian in which blame can be laid.

I find it interesting how difficult it is to watch the news these days, everything is so one sided. This president is as crooked as those before him, actually think that in today’s society only a corrupt narcissist can get elected to a public office. Let’s be honest, there isn’t a high bar for entry as proven by many elected officials out there.

So while many, including myself, grow tired of nonsensical posts about conspiracy, there is a backstory worth discussing,

That backstory could be the lack of understanding of lease terms, or oil and gas companies pushing the limits of interpretation during the E&P industry's difficult financial times.

I think many would welcome the discussion of several of the back stories without the vicious and vile vigor that has recently been on display.

It’s not unlike someone on the far right or left that loses their message, whether valid or not, in their passion to be heard. In today’s society people can’t discuss anything, they want to tell and scream and make absurd and wild statements to get attention. I imagine that Ron is a good guy deep down, I imagine that he feels marginalized by the world around him, and although he has valid concerns, his approach has resulted in a further distancing of himself from a resolution.

You can go through life kissed off at the world, yelling and screaming, and being absolutely defiant. You can convince yourself you know more than anyone else and refuse to listen - you’re right, and if someone doesn’t agree with you, they are wrong.

I can assure you that it would seem that multiple posts that have been placed on here discussing technical components or legal components of the oil/gas industry, geology, production, etc have many many errors. In most cases someone will chime in with a correct backed up and supported by facts. However, it seems that would be a waste of time in this situation as the audience has decided what the answer is and isn’t interested in any alternative points, views, or statements that aren’t aligned.

In summary, I truly do appreciate your approach and pursuit of insight - what’s behind the statements, I think that is a very positive approach and wish more people would do the same.

Exactly what I have been trying to say Jeffery.  For many years I never said much or join in conversations. But I listened as intently as I could muster.  Somewhere along those many years it became apparent that many or even most folks were only parroting what someone else said or did. And it still goes on today!    Some ideas and behavior was so far out of "WHACK"  that even the most ignorant idiot could "SEE THROUGH" the  thought behind them.

Common sense might say otherwise....but early training or fears instilled by parents or teachers can be a very strong lock against any changing of thought processing ideas from earlier generations.

In one sense, what Ron is trying to say "BOOM or BUST!"  If we can wait long enough a "BOOM" will be our reward. However I do not really think our present leader has the "THE GOLDEN KEY"  to unlock the promised "boom" for our country. He likes to think that "HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE" to make the U.S.A. "GREAT AGAIN"

Thank you for your posting. We need folks like you to have input to this site!

Granddad Ladd

Old Timer you are exactly correct. Why people ‘assume’ and ‘trust me’ when they make major financial decisions without questioning, researching, learning, and understanding is beyond me. Then they want to yell and scream and blame everyone else as it seems people in our country are conditioned to blame others and not take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. Kind of scary...

If they are 'Sealed' then how we go about finding them on PACER?  What district and court are you searching?  

What LLC members are you referring to, b/c I own several LLC's and I'm afraid I might have missed out on the pocket stuffing? 

Can you send me the procedures?  I'm running out to buy some cargo pants so I have extra pockets - eagerly waiting the directions/procedures.

Who's "Q"?, I recognize the others that are bringing this, but I don't recognize "Q" - is that the dude from James Bond - he always had the coolest toys.

Some advice going forward.
Do Not sell Your minerals or sell Your minerals if You sell Your Land. The minerals can be reserved in a Deed and the taxes for minerals have been a fraction of what you pay for Your land.
Don't sign anything for anyone related to Your Land. The Landmen are for the first time legal in Ohio to negotiate leases. Everything you have signed prior to 3/1/19 is VOID due to the landmen not having a Realtors License required to negotiate Oil & Gas Leases or Right Of Way Contracts. The Ohio Supreme Court has held that the above documents are Real Estate documents and the Landmen must have been Ohio Real Estate Licensed, which they were not.
Any document signed in Violation of a State Law is Void. If someone tells you different DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Ohio Law is common sense, there is no reading between the lines as the O&G companies so often do to justify their theft.
Those who have signed a Right of Way Contract in Ohio with one of three companies, have had these ROW Contracts Rolled into Cardinal Gas Services Contracts, check the Recorders Office, I've seen the documents. The Right Of Way Contracts signed in Ohio have stolen Your Surface Rights. Cardinal Gas Services is Chesapeake Energy who owns Cardinal Gas Services.
Re-read Your ROW Contract(s), if it is a Cardinal Gas Services ROW Contract Your VOID ROW Contract gave away Your Surface Rights. God has stepped in and given You a gift, don't give Your surface rights away again by signing any O&G document. Also Ohio Law, Deception In Writings was violated by not telling You the landowner that Your Surface Rights were stolen using Your Signature without You knowing or agreeing to what You signed for.
A large amount of land in West Virginia has had the Minerals separated in the past due to Coal Companies who like Oil and Gas are companies must be handled like the Snake they can become if You are trusting and unaware.
There are very few Landowners who have had their way with Coal or Oil and Gas Companies, but it has and can be done.
A wise individual doesn't sell or lease what they own until they know what that belonging is worth.
I know Landowners who left West Virginia in the 1960s when the Oil & Gas companies came in and did what was done in Ohio, PA and West Virginia recently. WV Landowners were given nothing for their Oil and Gas. You could say that I have been coached on how to handle Oil & Gas companies.
I have had first hand experience in lawsuits and Arbitrations, don't bother, the lawyers would have cheated You. The judges and esquires are dirty today but not tomorrow. They are no longer certified to conduct their fraud thanks to Our President Trump while in the UK 6/5/19. You will learn of this transition from Maritime Law to Common Law/Constitutional law after the Fake News is shut down and the Truth is told.
One Woman from Lincoln County WV is still getting a Royalty Statement at the end of the Year for a few dollars so the Oil and Gas company can hold her Well by production, when the Truth is that the well was closed down many years ago. This is Oil & Gas, lie and steal to keep what isn't theirs.
Several Landowners from WV and PA have shown me pictures of their well head that is rusted out and evidence the Oil & Gas company provides to the State to prove the wells are still under production, which they aren't. Enforcing Fraud Laws will end this behavior in the near future. A Lease is not a deed, O&G companies can't use a lease to show ownership of minerals. A non-producing/non-paying well & lease cannot be held by production legally.
Those of You who are experiencing this issue, contact Your State's Oil &Gas Department and show them Your evidence, they will free up Your Well from that kitchen table O&G company or the State Department will be seen as Corrupt.
Every Landowner except those who are naive know that they are being shorted royalties. It is normal to try and understand why a company would sign a lease then ignore it. Here are some possibilities that Landowners have suggested as the reason for theft:
1) The Company wants to buy Your minerals so they steal to make the minerals appear to be worthless, but You can make money selling them Your minerals. FALSE
2) The Company has a greed issue and other companies (or the offending company) want to buy Your minerals. TRUE
3) I believe Encino is partnered with the 4 Counties they are in to GROSSSSLY under pay Royalties allowing the Counties to collect the land of those who can no longer pay the Real Estate Tax burden. If this isn't True then why are there Land Banks in many Counties and a Land Re-utilization LLC in my County. The Courthouses have been collecting mineral acres & selling Land Tax Liens to Mark Shapiro of Texas who owns Land Ease Ohio. Mark has been violating Ohio's Deceptive Writings Law, check it out if Mark owns Your Tax Lien. Act fast or do nothing since Mark won't be available much longer due to his corruption.
4) One Company wants to "partner" with You by buying a share of Your Royalties. This company claims they can ensure You are paid fairly. FALSE, it hasn't happened to date.

Hi Ron.  Can you explain a little more what Tax Ease Ohio is doing?  And how is related to oil and gas?

if they aquire the lein, doesn't the property still eventually have to go through a sherrifs sale if the taxes are deliquebt?

Inchworm A,

Only because You asked:

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that all Oil & Gas Leases and Right Of Way Contracts are Real Estate documents. This makes Real Estate & Oil & Gas one and the same in Ohio.

Mark Shapiro owns over 140 shell companies in Houston Texas. One company is called Tax Ease, the Ohio branch is called Tax Ease Ohio.
Mark is partnered with the State of Ohio and Ohio Counties, by keeping close tabs on land that has potential for Oil and Gas, I suspect Mark has parcel maps for Ohio Counties and Maps from Oil & Gas companies on where the high potential production areas are.

I know this because of those who have been unfortunate enough to have had Liens placed on their property that were purchased by Tax Ease Ohio have told me.
Those who can't pay their Real Estate Taxes have a Tax Lien produced by the County after one year which is sold by the Lady in Our Courthouse in September based on my phone call to the Auditor Dept who connected me to her. Ohio Counties favor Tax Ease Ohio for unknown reason, but not unknown to me .

One Landowner told me that Tax Ease Ohio picks certain parcels to buy but no one knows why that is. Since Mark knows where the O&G high potential parcels are, and he lives in Oil Country, my bet is he selects the parcels he wants based potential O&G production.

I have already written about what Mark does using low monthly payments with a Balloon Payment at the end of the year that becomes too high for anyone to pay. One example I know of is $10,000 coming due next month. That results in a foreclosure, but did Mark act illegally when he selected payments well below what were required to pay off the loan? Deception In Writings has been violated if he did.

Mark like the Oil & Gas Companies who came to Ohio, didn't know that lieing to a Landowner to take their land, or to have a bad lease signed or lie about a ROW contract that stole the Land Owners Right of Way is not legal in Ohio.
The Truth is, the Laws of Ohio, West Virginia and PA will once again apply to Oil & Gas Companies. When it does, Landowners will be told what I'm telling You on this website.

The Corruption & Severe Human Rights Abuse will no longer be tolerated in the US. Those We Have Trusted The Most Will Be Found Guilty.

Goodnight doug lawler where ever you are. U 2 Encino coo whatever you were.

Ron, I like what you say about keeping your minerals.  I especially don't like seeing people sell their minerals to out of state LLC's.  That's all money out the door (legacy, taxes, community spending, etc). Not good for your state or community.  The royalty income gets taxed in the state where the LLC is charted so if chartered in PA, but minerals are in Ohio, then PA makes out.  Prob spend their profits where they are headquarted too.   

Wrong. You pay Ohio property tax and Ohio income tax

Some would call you a smart a_ _. But I will answer your questions for those who count, We The People.

Q: If they are 'Sealed' then how we go about finding them on PACER? What district and court are you searching?

A: Here are some sources for SFIs:

1) An old copy is here on You Tube under The Patriot Hour - See Sealed Federal Indictments by State here at time 15:16 in the video:

2) At Q dropped a copy of the SFIs by State in a Table in Post # 2940. Search using this post number to find the drop & SFI table. There were 82,324 SFIs on 2/28/19 with the last count I herd was 110,000 in July. The Rate of increase is close to 5,000 per month.

There are Plenty of SFIs to go around. If you are corrupt, don't worry it will show up in Your bank account and Nice Men in uniforms will be by by shortly to take you to Your Free Flight to GITMO or more than 2 other locations in the US.

Bible johnny will be officiating at the GITMO Sunday school where you might learn about honesty. johnny doesn't know anything about honesty but he can read you the Good Book.

Q2: What LLC members are you referring to, b/c I own several LLC's and I'm afraid I might have missed out on the pocket stuffing?

A2: CHK Exploration LLC; CHK Appapacia LLC; and CHK Utica LLC. "LLC Members can deposit the remaining cash directly in their bank accounts" my words. And as I always ask "Is that legal?".

Q3: Can you send me the procedures? I'm running out to buy some cargo pants so I have extra pockets - eagerly waiting the directions/procedures.

A3: I could send you the procedures but I won't. The only folks that need to see the LLCs is the NSA and they have them with my emails.

Q4: Who's "Q"?, I recognize the others that are bringing this, but I don't recognize "Q" - is that the dude from James Bond - he always had the coolest toys.

A4: There are many who think they know who Q is, but we would never tell anyone what we think. Evil doers are in every facet of Our Governments and Nation, for now.

You should be tired of losing, but hold on there is more coming. Q is bringing You the pain if You have been corrupt.


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