Just wondering if what I hear could happen. Anyone know about I-70 acreage being force-pooled?

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Yes, since O-Dot is not allowed to sign leases currently it can, and has been, forced pooled into units through unitization.

Wow.  I wonder if they stick the state of Ohio with a lousy 12.5 percent?

I've noticed all the laterals from the wells drilled are stopping about 500 feet from the interstates.  So far I have not seen one lateral going under the interstates. But they can go under State Routes. Seems the Governor could use the money to fix the roads and other infrastructure...    

I think a big issue with interstates in going to be the landowners who used to own where the interstate now lays. Most of these landowners lost this property to eminant domain so it was taken from them. Some agrees to sell , others didn't. A lot of people will fight this I'm sure. Some will think their family should have got to retain mineral rights. Their opening up huge can of worms.

Does  anyone know if that would apply to Army Corp. of Engineers land?

That's right Philip I forgot about that one. There was supposed to be a hearing on this one but it was cancelled because Eclipse pulled out of the area. So for now these laterals will be decided later.

Ohio HB 8, which deals with Unitization, just passed the full House last week by a unanimous vote and now heads to the Senate.

This bill allows unitization of land owned by the State, with exceptions for State Parks and Forests.

I am watching it closely and will again offer testimony in the Senate.  BTW, Sen. Troy Balderson, Zanesviile, is the Chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Anyone who owns land in the Fineran Unit may want to testify, too.

WOW! Thanks for the info... I thought my property would be limited to drilling because it borders I-70 just outside Old Washington but now it may be more desirable because of that. There are 2 units less than a mile away on the other side of I-70 A.E.U. is gonna drill soon. They could catch my 22 acres in one or both maybe.....? Thanks   

Does HB 8 apply only to state owned land.

Certainly any landowner who had land taken by eminent domain, to enable building of an interstate highway, should not also simultaneously have been required to surrender rights a mile or two deep.  Just the thought of this is outrageous!!!


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