“Today, researchers at the University of Missouri and the University of Massachusetts released a study that found that female mice exposed to mixtures of chemicals used in UOG [unconventional oil and gas] operations during prenatal development had abnormal mammary glands in adulthood. Additionally, some of the mice developed pre-cancerous mammary lesions that may suggest they will be more sensitive to chemicals that cause cancer. …

“We examined 23 UOG contaminants and compounds commonly used or produced in the fracking process.” In the study, female mice were exposed to various amounts of the 23 UOG chemicals from gestational day 11 to birth. Although no effects were observed on the mammary glands of these females prior to puberty, in early adulthood, female mice developed mammary lesions and hyperplasia, a condition that causes enlargement of an organ or tissue. “We chose varying amounts of the UOG mixture in order to mimic a range of human exposures to these chemicals.” ...

The study, “Prenatal exposure to unconventional oil and gas operation chemical mixtures altered mammary gland development in adult female mice” was published in the journal Endocrinology." Authors of the study: Laura N. Vandenberg and Sarah A. Sapouckey of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Amherst, MA; Susan C. Nagel of University of Missouri-Columbia; and Christopher D. Kassotis of Duke University in Durham, N.C.


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All you need to know about this bogus study is this,

The team of researchers was turned down for funding by the National Institutes for Health

because it was determined that their work was not good enough for funding. Why?

Because the teams previous work had been shown to be biased and lacking in sound

scientific methodology. Further, one of the lead researchers regularly speaks publicly

against oil and gas development.

In turn they reached out to well known anti-fracking-activists Josh Fox, Mark Ruffalo and

Yoko Ono.

Finally, Paul spends a great deal of time citing concentrations found in the study as if those

concentrations might be found in sources of water consumed by humans. First problem:

it is not the concentrations that are important, it's the dosage, humans rarely consume as

much water as was fed to the mice. Next: it has never been shown that the chemicals cited

have been found in any unsafe quantity in drinking water anywhere. The mice were force fed the

water, thus raining the amount of chemicals ingested.

In in other words, this teams work has once again been shown to be shoddy and lacking in any

in scientific methodology and has been completely debunked once again (this is the third time).

Just more Chicken Little stuff.

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky is Falling! The Sky Is Falling


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